With a continuously growing industry, it really becomes tiresome to manage and dedicate time as well as human labor in each and every areas and directions. The very such work which is popping at the top of my mind is managing your own data centers. Yes, sounds like a tricky job right?

But not to worry anymore, there are so many and different kinds of hosting available in the market these days. Out of all Colocation hosting is gaining popularity due it’s trustworthy and easy going facilities which it provides.

What does server colocation stand for?

So if we talk in a layman language, server colocation basically means the process of deploying and hosting an organization owned server within a third party managed environment.

The Managed Service Provider(MSP) will act like an IT facility which has its’ own existing data centers. The upper hand will be the customer i.e. the organization itself which wants its’ servers to be collocated while MSP will just be providing with the physical space, power and network resources.

Server colocation is kind of similar to dedicated server hosting with a very small difference. In dedicated hosting the company needs to rent the servers along with the infrastructure, whereas the picture is slightly different in server colocation. In server colocation, the company has its’ own hardware and only looks out for rack-space to make the best use of their existing infrastructure within the unexcelled data center facilities. This will eliminate the hassle and cut out the cost for running your own data centers, which is a lot believe me.

The company accesses the servers over the internet or through VPN connection and at no point loses its’ authority over the servers. The major motive is to make use of the best IT support services powered with the latest technology and cuts out the operational costs in whole lot of amount.

What all advantages it stores in?

Cloud server hosting improves the performance at a whole new level as well as provides scalability according to the requirements of the organization. The organization has to just pay for the resources they consume and in return on demand hosting is an extraordinary service which anyone can ask for.

Hosting servers are often used for hosting files, images, games or any other kind of similar content under no obligations.

Running a data center stores room for numerous abruptly arising technical glitches or any kind of issue which may intervene in its’ swift running. Therefore, in server colocation, the round the clock presence of support staff will just resolve them in fraction of seconds.

One of the worth mentioning advantage of server colocation is the appropriate environment which cloud server hosting MSP’s create with numerous climate control facilities and keeps the resources protected in safe hands.

There is very bleak possibility of any kind of data infringement possible. Actually it sounds impossible with the kind of security and seamless and impermeable levels of checks. Nevertheless, the organization is provided with all the required details like IP bandwidth, constant monitoring through CCTV and any other kind of assurity that an organization can ask for.

A very integral part or precisely speaking requirement is uninterrupted and flawless connectivity. The cloud server hosting providers are best known for their ultra-fast accessibility. They will never compromise on the connectivity and the thing for which they are best known for.

The very recent and talked about incidences of data breaches are great examples to learn from. The on-site IT infrastructure can cause incorrigible disasters. This is the reason why more and more companies are seeking for collocated data centers to manage their data.

Key points to consider while choosing your MSP

The principal task which any organization has to do is to choose its’ MSP and the process has to go through all the potential aspects of any kind of failure or remiss that may appear. So the major entities that should be kept in mind while choosing is that how much space the server needs and how vigorous are their applications. An organization has the full right to go through any additional details they need as they are investing a heavy amount of money in it.

Inquire about all the crucial details like whether they are actively maintaining and updating their data centers or not. Secondly how well versed or experienced are their deployed on site IT staff.

The organization should also look out that whether its’ server provider has customizable solutions for any kind of category or process shift so that none of the complexities can arise in situations like these.

The geographical boundaries also play a consequential role. As there are some disaster prone areas and in grave circumstances, you would want your valuable data in the best possible depository. This means that the most befitting option would be the one who holds multiple data centers location.

It is also good to know beforehand the backup strategies of your MSP as one cannot anticipate for any kind of power backup failure beforehand.

In conclusion, keeping all these points in mind you have to choose your MSP as you have trusted the one for your own growth and further mutual business relationship in the market.

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