Whether you are a business traveler or a photo enthusiast, cloud storage aims at making your life easier while you are travelling because you will be not only travelling lighter but also be free from worrying about lost pen drives or spending longer time at airport security counters. 

Cloud storage application has changed paradigms of saving or sharing data and has resulted in saving working hours. One can make good use of transit time due to the fact that cloud storage is accessible from anywhere or at anytime. All you need is a laptop with internet connectivity or a Smartphone. 

Make Your Business Travel More Productive 

Anytime data access- You can make the most of every moment of your transit time by accessing files for editing or simply viewing while on the go. Any data from your office PC can be accessed without hassles so that you have the confidence of having valuable data on your finger-tips. 

Forget USBs and Enjoy a Wire Free Life 

Cloud storage application helps syncing of all your files irrespective of the source or type of device. You can forget about repeated transferring of data by using flash drives while accessing data from cloud. 

Whether you are using an Apple phone, Android phone, or a Blackberry device, the application has you covered. 
Offline use- By having all data synced on your mobile, you can forget about internet access. Work without hassles while travelling in plane or in regions with no internet access. 

Seamless Collaboration

You can always collaborate with your vendors, colleagues, or partners to provide them instant access to files or important documents that may be residing on your local office computer even if you are away from the office. This feature is extremely useful if your partner or vendor require any important document while you are travelling. 

Sharing Data From Any Location

Cloud storage application eliminates constraints of location or time while accessing important data. All you need is an internet enabled device and you can share, access, edit any file, folder, or document from any location. 

Welcome to Mobile Workforce

You can enable your team time to access data and work on projects without any hassles. This can not only enhance productivity, but also improves convenience by ensuring easy availability of data on fingertips. Cloud storage applications are also valuable for saving time and facilitating faster business decisions with improved access to data. 

Get More Pleasure Out of Holiday Travel

With help of ‘Online Vacation Planner’, one can easily collaborate with friends and family to finalize details of vacations or short holidays that are approaching. You can also use the feature to share entire files or folders about menus, hotels, important documents, flight schedules and much more to facilitate everyone with an access the information on the go. 

After the vacation is over, it is fun to let your dispersed group of friends or extended family, share everyone’s photos and memories by setting up a folder. Cloud storage application allows each member to access high resolution images unlike other options. These high quality images can be used for creating albums or photo-books for preserving the happy memories forever.

Travel in Comfort - Going mobile helps you travel without hassles of carrying valuable equipment such as laptop that not only adds to the weight of luggage but also increases chances of theft or loss of the costly devices during travel. You can easily replace laptop with your smart phone or tab to access any data from your PC. These lightweight options can also be used in association with cloud hosting services for streaming music albums or entire collection of photographs or sharing files of photos. 

Real Time Sharing - Nothing can be more exciting than sharing your travel memories in real time. Use the cloud storage application for syncing photos from your mobile device so that every friend or family member is able to view these in real time. Cloud storage helps every member with access to the shared folder to enjoy the travel experiences in real time. The application brings your extended family together on a single platform irrespective of the distances. 


Whether you are on a business trip or are enjoying good times with your family or friends, cloud storage applications improve your file sharing and storage abilities.