With the escalating economical growth rate across the globe, more and more businesses (regardless of their shape and size) are seeking different ways to efficiently manage the upsurge in data. In such scenarios, maintaining the security of mission-critical data through a powerful data protection solution becomes highly significance for businesses.

Cloud Backup

With the emergence of Cloud hosting technology, the onus to secure huge volume of data has become much simpler and manageable. Interestingly, there has been recent addition to it, which has gained much hype in the IT world. It is known as DPaaS (data protection-as-a-service). In fact, cloud-based backup, disaster recovery and cloud storage about which you must have heard about do fall under DPaaS.

According to the survey conducted by Microsoft, it has been forecasted that near about 58% of the general populace and 86% of business class are highly excited about the promising benefits of cloud computing. However, more than 90% of them are apprehensive about protection, accessibility, and confidentiality of their data.

Thus, in order to secure data through power-packed computation certainly requires dedicated resources and proficiency that may not be readily available with the businesses.

In conjunction with cloud platform, DPaaS delivers best-in-class data protection provisions to SMBs that usually have bare minimum hands on experience in data security management.

Let's have a Closer Look at Some of the Key Offerings and Benefits of DPaaS:

- Backup-as-a-service (BaaS)

- Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS)

- Storage-as-a-service (STaaS)

Have a quick glance at key benefits of DPaaS:

- Automated Backup: Relatively to other traditional backup provisions, DPaaS allows seamless transmission of all mission critical data. It creates duplicate copies of the updated data blocks without much twisting the application environment at all. Therefore, you data remains out of harm's reach.

- Accelerates Data Backup Provision: You no longer have to hang around for long hours in order to take the backup of your data as with DPaas you can simply take backups within a time of gap of an hour.

- Quick Restoration: Whether you want to restore a huge volume of data or files smaller in size, DPaaS enables you to pull through your mission critical data within no time. This has definitely made the procedure of cloud data recovery much easier and faster for the organizations now.

- Data Protection: DPaaS ensures security of your company's file simply by encrypting the files while on transit. This way it maintains the integrity of your sensitive data on the cloud.

To summarize, would conclude by saying that as confidential data moves online, the need to secure it appropriately becomes increasingly imperative. Hence, ensure the integrity of the data while on transit or rest simply by embracing DPaaS approach.