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Fedora, previously known as Fedora Core is hugely popular open source operating system based on Linux kernel. Sponsored by Red Hat, Fedora is developed, distributed and supported by Fedora Project—an open source community which came into existence in 2003 when Red hat and volunteers joined hands to develop a system open to all for modification and distribution. Fedora is believed to be just behind Ubuntu when it comes to the popularity of Linux distribution.

The latest version of Fedora Linux, known as Fedora 18 (nicknamed: Spherical Cow) made its debut in 2013 and uses utilizes GNOME 3.6.3 for its desktop interface.

Fedora workstation

Fedora workstation is a sophisticated and accomplished operating system meant for laptop and desktop use. Extremely easy and convenient to use, it is available with a comprehensive set of tools for developers.

Fedora Server

Fedora server is a powerful, reliable and flexible operating system that truly represents the best and most sophisticated data center technologies. This system’s primary advantage is that it allows you the freedom and control to properly manage all your infrastructure and services.

Fedora Cloud

Cloud computing is the hottest world in the IT industry today with more and more organizations across the globe moving partially or fully to the cloud. Fedora cloud offers a minimalistic image of Fedora that can be easily used in both public and private cloud environment.

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