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FuelPHP is a community driven open source and flexible PHP 5.3 + framework designed from the start to implement HMVC with the integrated support of the conservative MVC architecture.

Features of FuelPHP:

FuelPHP is a modular MVC framework. With the ViewModels developers have the additional facility of integrating the model-view-controller(MVC) with the ViewModels.

All the features in the FuelPHP core package are extendable without the developers having the need of change the code. The framework is scalable and functionalities can be added into the packages by replacing or extending the FuelPHP core.

Security has always been a primary concern on the internet. FuelPHP encodes all the output and secures it preventing XSS attacks. It offers HTMLawed by default that allows cleaning and filtering of HTML. It also prevents CSRF with input filtering and tokens. The Query builder assists in preventing SQL injection attacks.

FuelPHP offers” oil”, a utility service designed to speed up the development process, smoothen and enhance the efficiency, assist testing and debugging,

FuelPHP includes several; useful templates, API and provides CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete) operations on a single platform.

The FuelPHP ORM has been created as a midway balance offering powerful features but still being a lightweight solution for the developers.

FuelPHP comes with an Auth framework that has a default interface that allows the developers to build and share their works making it accessible to others to use as a drop-in replacement without having to need the commonly used features.

It offers Opauth library for social media integration.

The FuelPHP project was started in the year 2010 by Dan Horrigan who was later joined by several experienced PHP developers some of whom had created many Open source projects on their own. The first stable release was in July 2011 and the latest stable release of FuelPHP is the 1.8 version that came up earlier in April 2016.

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