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Forum is an online discussion group. Bulletin Board Services and Online services offer a wide variety of forums where participants with a common interest can interact and exchange open messages. Forums are also referred to as conferences or newsgroups.

These come in all shapes and sizes. The main aim of a forum is to provide an area where members are able to interact with each other via questions, answers, comments, and other forms of discussion. Each forum states its topic and tries to limit the discussion on the topic. Depending upon the setup of the forum, a message posted by a participant may be approved of by a moderator before it is published or visible.

Most forums let anonymous visitors view the postings; however, they require the creation of an account for a person to be able to post a message. When posting a message, the participant can both create new topics (“threads”) and reply within the existing “threads”.

Forums are prevalent in most of the developed nations across the globe. Japan’s largest forum, 2channel, sees over 2 million messages every single day.

A forum has a tree-like directory structure with “Categories” at the top end. It is usually divided into categories for relevant discussions. Forums are available for almost all types of topics under the sun. There are many for software support, grammar help, programming discussions, and many more. Then, there many forums for topics like fitness, health, beauty, vehicles, houses, and thousands upon thousands of others for general issues. There are specific forums too, like for yoga instructors, language teachers, hairstylists, and many others.

Forums comprise user generated content and are thus grow as long as users visit the forum site and post their messages. The job of the webmaster here is to manage the forum by moving, combining, and archiving the threads. They also monitor the discussion and remove the inappropriate messages.


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