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Feed on feeds is a free PHP and MySQL based server side RSS and Atom aggregator. It is a new aggregator to which the users can subscribe to and the software keeps hovering over the sites. As and when it finds something new, feed on feeds aggregator immediately flashes the news across to the user on their desktop as a pop up window. Users are satisfied and have no problems as long as they are able to read the news on their desktops. The problems come when they are not in a position to access their desktops. They cannot carry their desktops with them when they go out. News gets accumulated and the users are not in a position to know which of the news have they read and which they haven’t. This is where the server side aggregator comes to their rescue. It keeps a track of the items that the user has read and which news are unread. The server side aggregator allows the users to scan the web page and lets them mark the news which they have read so that it will not be shown again.

Feed on feeds is an open source software distributed under the GPL. Feed on feeds was developed by Steven Minutillo. There have been only 5 versions and the last was in 2011. The Feed on feeds script can be updated with the need of an output. Users wanting to upgrade will have to export the subscription list as OPML and install into a fresh directory and migrate the settings.

Feed of feeds requires the users to have PHP4.3.2 or later versions with PCRE and XML extensions and MySQL database support. Compressed feeds will need Zlib extension while the https and digest authenticated feeds need cURL extension. To make it supportive to multi- language encoding across the world the software needs mbstring or the iconv extension.

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