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High Performance Computing

HPC or High Performance Computing means the usage of aggregated computing powers to handle data intensive tasks like simulation or modeling which regular workstations cannot get done. So, HPC uses parallel processing to run advanced application programs quickly and effectively. In doing so, it will use super computers along with many parallel processing methods in order to solve computational problems. The HPC techniques will focus on creating parallel processing algorithms for resolving complex mathematical problems and for the purpose of carrying out research activities. This explains why the words super computers and HPC are often used synonymously.

Why Do You Need HPC?

High performance computing actually came about to address the growing demands for better processing speeds. The High Performance Computing platform can get together multiple technologies like algorithms, computer architecture, electronics and programs under one roof for solving advanced problems faster. So, a HPC system will obviously need very high bandwidth and low latency in order to be able to connect to multiple clusters and nodes. HPC finds use in different fields like geographical data, climate modeling, biosciences, media, oil-gas modeling etc. The biggest users of such systems are undoubtedly the scientific research people, academic institutions and engineers. Even government institutions like the military will depend on these super computers for very complex applications. With demands for processing power gradually increasing, now there will be demand for HPC in all kinds of businesses.

There are many reasons to use the HPC. To start with, because of the growing numbers of CPUs and nodes, today you can get access to greater computing powers. As a result, specific models get computer faster and there is overall speedup as more operations can now be done in less time. Secondly, when you have a cluster, memory available will increase when new nodes are added. So, large models can now be computed when the numbers of units increase. This is called scaled speedup and when computing power and memory are doubled up, they can accomplish double the amount of the base task within the same time.

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