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HTML is considered to be one of the trickiest and really difficult User input to filter. But HTML Purifier is a HTML filtering solution which is capable of a lot of sophisticated HTML filtering and transforming.

HTML Purifier ensures that the resultant HTML is standards compliant by using a combination of robust whitelist and aggressive passing which makes sure that the XSS attacks are thwarted. It is written in PHP and HTML Purifier is standards compliant HTML filtering solution.

HTML Purifier is very simple to install and the configuration is breeze. Either you download it from http:/ or just download the zip file. You can also install it via PEAR. It is highly flexible and user friendly.

HTML Purifier decomposes the whole document into tokens and then removes all the non-white listed elements. Its main focus is towards all the richly formatted documents from the unknown or not to be trusted sources. They all require CSS and full tag set. It focuses and pays attention to all the small and minute details.

HTML Purifier is licensed under GPLv2 license and is freely available for everybody to grab its benefits. It is considered to be capable of a lot of sophisticated HTML transforming and filtering which makes it better than others.

HTML Purifier is a standards compliant, permissive, comprehensive and extensive tool which is highly preferred. It is secure and at the same time also permissive whitelist which is capable of a lot of filtering of the unwanted and nasty stuff that can be present in the submitted HTML. It is a guidelines compliant HTML channel library which evacuates all the malicious and nasty code with a secure but lenient whitelist. HTML Purifier also guarantees gauges agreeability. A best solution to all the complex HTML filtering.

CloudOYE is a leading HTML Purifier Hosting Provider in India offering solutions on Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at

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