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HTML is a computer language that is used to design web pages. Each page on a website is connected to one another by what is called “Hyperlinks”. The web pages can be viewed by the people when they connect to the website via the internet. HTML was first developed by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1990. It is expandable to Hyper Text Markup Language.
Hyper Text is a process of moving around on the web by clicking on the hyperlinks that steer you through the different pages in a website. You can do it in a random manner without having to follow any set order. Markup is a process of marking up specific text like italicized text. It is done by what is termed as HTML tags. Language is the code-words and syntax used like in other languages.
HTML5 is the latest update made from the previous version. Although the basic rules are same as the HTML4, it has added a few advanced tags and features to enhance the semantics and other dynamic elements that are stimulated when you use JavaScript. HTML5 is cleaner than the earlier versions.
HTML5 simplifies the creation of front-end applications with its drag & drop tools, wikis, discussion boards, and other useful basics. It offers features that can easily integrate multimedia and graphics content to the web without the need of any third-party plugins.
HTML coding does not require the internet all the time. Coding can be done offline and stored on the computer and all the files can be transferred together onto the web.
Being a markup file, HTML can be created and read in any of the text editors so long as it is saved with a .htm or .html file extension. HTML codes for designing web pages require either an HTML editor or text editor.

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