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In a virtualized IT environment, hypervisor is a software application that accommodates and manages multiple operation systems on a single computer system. The hypervisor deals with the processor, memory, and other resources of the central system in order for distributing what each operating system needs. This software is developed to complement the architectural needs of a specific processor and may also be referred as a virtualization manager.

Functional Advantages of Hypervisor

- Alleviating the expenses of licensing for OS, tools and middle-ware.
- Minimizing the need of hardware suites like memory and disk space as well as mitigating OS resource requirements.
- Utilizing local OS tools to improve system’s performance without using a hardware emulator or hypervisor.
- Utilizing similar cluster of tools, device drivers and BSPs for a single OS to simplify development.
- Using the SMP features offered by the target OS for pre-defined and single application CPU resources.

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