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Neos – Web Content Management System

Neos is an open source web content management system. It is a new generation web content management system which is new, fresh, revolutionary, unknown and is based on modern development standards. Neos is licensed under GPL and is based on its own PHP framework flow.

Neos enables complex web application that includes both content and functionality to be implemented easily. As other CMS Neos is not only user friendly and has a strong stability but also offers easier and more efficient way to maintain content and enables intuitive working with the content. Neos is considered as a strong and scalable platform which is open to features development and integration.

Neos is special because of its ease of use for the editor. Editor does not have to deal with the complicated backend but can work directly on the site. It has automatic backup and separate publishing process and allows developers the most flexible integration of design templates.

Neos aims at working on the content directly inside the display which enables the editor to immediately see all the changes that have been made in the correct layout. Some features that benefits the editor and developers are:

• Improved HTML Editor which supports formats such as CSS or JavaScript
• Review of various types of configuration and display of validation errors
• Improvement to the publishing button
• Longer text can be worked on more easily
• Automatic review and display of access rights
• Improved import and export of websites
• Easier linking of contents and pages
• Right documents displayed at right places
• Content can be used multiple times

Neos is flexible and presents a purpose built clean interface. It delivers immediate results and reduces the time of testing contents on different devices. Neos is significantly supporting customers throughout the globe to realize their online project successfully. Neos enables complex web application that includes both content and functionality to be implemented easily. 

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