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Noalyssis an ERP system which is adapted to Belgian and French accounting practices. It includes a double-entry accounting system.Itwas formerly known as PhpCompta and changed its name to Noalyss in Jan 2014. It is freely available under GNU GPL2 license. It is programmed in languages such as PHP, JavaScript and SQL.Noalyss works through web browser.

Noalyss allows you to maintain your accounting in a centralized way. Its main aim is to make every task easier a for the businesses. Noalyss is an ERP system that allows businesses to conduct business activities in a much more organized and managed way. It allows all the business process to be streamlined and managed efficiently.

Noalyss simplifies business activities and takes them to an automated platform and prevents the micro-managing of things manually. Stated are some of the features of Noalyss:

1- account monitoring
2- a shared calendar
3- stock management
4- tax returns
5- forecasting
6- electronic transmission of documents.

Noalyss installer is available in English whereas the application itself is only in French.Noalyss is stable, strong and user-friendly software. In order to install Noalyss on your laptop or your computer desktop simply download the package that corresponds to your computers architecture, run it and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Noalyss is a highly flexible ERP system which can be configured to support the accounts of several countries. Thanks to its flexibility you can reorganize the menu and completely change the look and feel. Noalyss supports the creation of documents such as orders and invoices.It allows client tracking and supplier administration. Noalyss is considered as a server program as it allows hosting accounts of an unlimited number of companies managed by different users. 

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