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Nibbleblog is a free CMS blog which is easy and fast. It is a very powerful tool for creating blogs. It is licensed under the GPLv3 license and is freely available. Mike Johnston released nibbleblog on Feb 26th 2011.

Nibbleblog is a powerful source for creating blogs and it need PHP to work. It is very easy to install. Configuration is quite an easy job.

The installation includes the following steps:

1- Download the latest version
2- Unzip the downloaded file
3- Upload the files to your own hosting or to any local server with the help of FTP, Shell, Cpaneletc
4- With the help of your browser go to the URL of your web
5- Complete the form

The above mentioned steps are the easy steps to be followed to make the installation possible. Licensed under GNU license it is feely available for everybody to use. It uses XML databases and is clean and really easy to navigate.

Nibbleblog enables you to move your older blogs to the present blog location and you can also update the time/date stamp. It is really quick and easy to setup. It is a small package which is adorned with very powerful functionalities.

Nibbleblog has the below mentioned features:

1- Open source as it licensed under GPL license thus it is freely available
2- Supports video posting
3- It also supports quote post
4- It has the feature of Multilanguage
5- XML database, no MySQL or DBMS neede
6- It also has the plugins support
7- It offers template and theme support as well
8- WYSIWYG Editor
9- It has a simple file manager which makes it a simple and very powerful engine
10- It is also SEO optimized
11- It is free without advertising

All in all one can say that nibbleblog is a lightweight and powerful tool. It is a great help for the beginning coders and webmasters.

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