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Nginx hosting is the best hosting solution for ensuring that your websites perform smoothly and efficiently. Nginx is a superior Proxy and HTTP web server and its rock-solid performance comes from the use of asynchronous event-driven architecture, unlike the threaded system or model that other hosting solutions use. This combined with high concurrency makes Nginx a truly advanced hosting platform that can handle requests with low memory footprint. This unique feature is what endears Nginx to websites with all types of traffic demands.

Nginx is a comprehensive documented solution that makes customization of configuration simple and effortless to match the needs of any user or business. It is also a favorite of developers who prefer Nginx as a reverse proxy server for SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, and HTTPS.

The popularity of Nginx as a hosting solution can be gauged from the fact that nearly  40 percent of the major websites on the internet depends on this proxy server to help them achieve top gear performance. Some of the top websites that use Nginx are Wikipedia, Pinterest, Netflix and Airbnb and many other popular names. Nginx makes use of an event-driven design that improves its competency and makes it more scalable than platforms like Apache. Websites with widely swinging traffic flow will be able to handle their fluctuating traffic better with this scalable feature of Nginx.

Nginx has many other important features like embedded Perl interpreter and reverse -proxy/ L7 load balances. It offers binary upgrade on the fly and is also useful for re-writing URLs.
Nginx has an advanced and superior connection and memory consumption aspects. All requests are managed by a single thread. It is definitely better when it comes to load-balancing and supports PHP internally. It does more work with less memory as memory is utilized in an optimized manner.

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