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RAP as a Service (RAAS)

What is RAP as a Service (RAAS)?

Simply put, RAP as a service (RAAS) or Risk Assessment Program as a service is a service provided by Microsoft that assists IT professionals in assessing and analyzing current systems. It incorporates the collection of information concerning the user process as well as remote inputs from engineers who have been duly accredited by Microsoft. In some cases the Risk Assessment Program as a Service is also known as the Risk and Health Assessment Program as a Service.

Partially, the idea of RAP as a service (RAAS) is to ensure that troubleshooting and systems diagnosis can be delivered. The idea of SAAS or Software as a Service stemmed as brand new cloud computing models came about. Vendors began offering more and more services related to the software directly through the net as compared to what was offered through inboxes or via proprietary networks. Over time, similar platforms like Platform as a Service (PAAS), communications as a service (CAAS) and infrastructure as a service (IAAS).

With Risk Assessment Program as Service remote services can analyze things like hung screens, slow booting time, problems with transaction speed, crashes and so on. Primarily it’s all about offering better and seamless experiences to users, transforming their experiences into more fruitful ones.

What are the benefits of RAP as a Service (RAAS)?

Using RAAS as a Service, clients can have an assessment of their systems and get the assessment results available online. They can easily share these with the IT staff, assess the feedback and monitor the progress.

In RAP service, clients can also have an offline assessment. The results of the assessment are available till the time the license is valid-in most of the cases, this is a year. They get the latest and best practice guidelines available on a regular basis. They are also updated on the new features added to the online portal.

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