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Refinery CMS

The short-form of Refinery CMS is Refinery, which is an open source content management system written in a dynamic and open source programming language called Ruby, on the server-side web application framework called Rails with jQuery. In short, you can define Refinery CMS as an open source content management system written in Ruby on Rail.

Refinery CMS is essential for those organizations that have multiple websites and need to manage their content with functions like editing, updating, or managing the site and is useful even for non-technical people.

No Need for Any Technical Knowledge to Work on Refinery CMS

As it is open source and ruby rails framework means it is 100% free, this content management system gives full control over design, while source code can be modified and edited by anybody depending on the need of the user. It does not require any technical knowledge if you want to create a website or any other site in an impressive way without relying on technical website developers or software engineers.

Provide Secure User Interface

Refinery CMS framework allows you to run your web applications as well as offer the option of creating web pages that retrieve information from the web server, query the data base and much more. It also provides a secure and easy-to-use user interface with many newcomers to work without having the knowledge of programming.

Provides Flexibility to Choose Theme, Templates

Using refinery CMS you can design or customize your own templates; as it is an open source, you can keep on updating. It is expandable and popular.

Web developers across the world can be contacted as per their time zones, for their services, on a fee. As refinery CMS is a user-friendly platform, any non technical user can work on it using customized templates and themes just like Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. 

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