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Ruby is a dynamic, object oriented, open source general purpose programming language. It was developed in the mid 1990s by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in Japan. The first version of Ruby 0.95 was announced on 21 December 1995; later, several stable versions were released in subsequent years and the latest version 2.3.0 was released on 25 December 2015 with many changes and updations.

Ruby is a blend of many other languages like perl, smalltalk, Eiffel, ada and lisp. The creator of Ruby has added some features of all these languages to form a new language, which balances functional programming with imperative programming. It has automatic memory management. It runs on a variety of platforms like Windows, Mac OS and various versions of UNIX.

Here are Few Features that Make Ruby Great and a Web Programming Language of the Future.

Ruby is a Simple and High-Level Language

Ruby is one of the easiest high-level scripting languages which is more effective than C++ as any high-level language is close to a naturally spoken language.

Users can Leverage the Existing Code

Ruby already has Ruby on Rail framework and libraries so you can use pre-written code for the projects without wasting much time on creating the code.

Accomplish More Using Fewer Efforts

As Ruby runs on Ruby on Rails framework, you can use a better structured code by re-using the same code as making changes in the existing code is easy. In fact, iteration and experimentation is easy and painless.

Easy to Learn and Flexible

Ruby is very easy to learn; it does not require previous coding experience and does not have any hard rules for building features. It does not bother errors and unless there is a problematic part, you will be able to easily compile and run your program.

Additional Methods Can be Added Even at Run Time

In Ruby everything is open. You can easily extend classes and modules; moreover, additional methods can be added to class even at the run time.

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