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Thelia was created in 2005 and was released under the LGPL license in Dec 2006. Thelia is an open source tool for creating e- business websites and managing content online.

Thelia was developed in PHP and MySQL. It is supported by a French company called OpenStudio. Thelia today has more than 300 extensions on its marketplace and is used by more than 7000 websites due to its modular structure and easy deployment.

Thelia has basic features to meet the needs of an online business. Some of its basic features are:

It has multilingual administration
It supports multi currency
Thelia is interfaced with multiple payment solutions
PDF invoices are available
It can create pages of information with the help of HTML editor
Cart management
Inventory management
A thorough and fast search of products
It has the feature of automatic update of rate of exchange through the administration
You can add, delete and edit categories, products, customers and manufacturers
Customers can view the order tracking status and order history
It incorporates the principle of meta-language

Thelia is primarily used by web designers and integrators. It is flexible and easy to customize. The main objectives of Thelia are performance and scalability.

Thelia 2 has also been released which is functionally richer. It uses Symfony 2 components and template engine Smarty. Thelia 2 incorporates Symfony, HTML, Bootstrap, PHP Unit, Smarty, Travis, Propel and Semantic microdata. The current version of Thelia is the version 2.2.

Thelia is a comprehensive tool which provides efficiency and security to enhance the user’s experience. It helps the merchants to improve their sales and business turnover. In short Thelia is a product for managing and creating a complex web store and providing commercial support.

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