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Trac is an open source tool that allows for easy and efficient management of projects irrespective of their size and volume. This highly efficient open source project management and bug tracking tool was originally inspired by CVSTrac, and now is used extensively by prominent frameworks like Django, Internet Research Task Force, jQuery UI, Webkit and popular CMS like WordPress. Originally it was known as svntrac owing to its easy ability to integrate with Subversion. Trac is supported by all major operating systems like Windows via Bitnami, Ubuntu, OS X, Arch Linux, etc. This is in addition to its availability on various cloud hosting services.

Primary Benefits Offered by Trac

Trac offers you the facility of easily structuring and tracking your project using team members, timelines, tickets and useful reviews. Projects, both large and small, tend to derive a lot of significant benefits from these important features offered by this open source, Web-based project management and bug tracking system.

Some of the Important Features of Tracs are Mentioned as Following:

If you are a part of a development project, say for example a software development project or for that handling a project alone, the rule of efficiency dictates that you keep a close track of all your issues encountered en route, along with important milestones and artefacts. This can be easily achieved by using Trac. As this open source tool is licensed under BSD, the platform is highly customisable and you can tailor it to fit within your group workflow. This could be achieved through either by installation of plugins or configuration (TarcIni).

Trac is a lightweight project management tool written in Python programming language. As mentioned earlier it is apt for software development, though it is flexible enough to be used for managing an extensive range of different projects. Additionally, it can also be used on a number of databases, such as SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL among others.

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