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TinyWebGallery is a web based photo gallery/album that provides space in a website to maintain photos, videos, images etc. The latest version of TinyWebGallery project is TWG 2.4 that was released in August 2016. It is open source and free and uses the php script to run It does not require a database as it uses xml files. Installation process is simple and easy and users need not be technical experts.

Some of the Features that TinyWebGallery Offers Include

- Support to Ajax, simple, HTML and Flash navigation.
- Does not require a database and all images and data are stored in XML files.
- The admin area is protected with a password access.
- Automatic generation of web images and thumbnails.
- Navigation is by keyboard arrow key.
- Multi-lingual support with 31 international languages. New languages can be added by default.
- TinyWebGallery can be integrated into any existing website or can work as a stand-alone application “TWG Flash Updater”.
- Allows text and pictures watermarks, full video support, remote picture support, offers three types of slideshow types.
- TinyWebGallery is customizable and allows all features to be configured or enabled or disabled.
- Admins has the authority to upload, manage images, manage users and configure the software etc.

TinyWebGallery was first released in February 2005 by Michael Dempfle. It is based on a small script and very soon became a popular script and is among the top projects being considered by users. It is released on a modified version of the GPL and is offered with two clauses that users may download and modify the TinyWebGallery for their use but they should not remove the copyright notice at the bottom without taking a permission license from the company website.

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