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Zend Framework

The Zend Framework refers to an open-source system which can be used for building object-oriented applications through the PHP5. The main idea behind this framework is to make the process of developing web applications simpler. It is also regarded as component library since it includes many loosely-coupled components which developers may use independently. The Zend Framework was released way back in March, 2006 and it offers extensible codes which may be shared amongst many applications so that these can be scaled up seamlessly to an enterprise level.

The Zend Framework comprises of many professional PHP packages and has installations exceeding 267 million. The main sponsor for this framework is Zend and there are others which have also contributed many important features to Zend Framework. In fact, companies such as Microsoft and Google have also partnered with it to offer interfaces and technologies.

The ZF3 could not have offered all the features had it not been for the support from its vibrant community. These community members and contributors are available in mailing lists and forums. Whenever you have queries about using Zend Framework, you can rely on the community to answer these.
So, with Zend Framework you can make web applications much quicker. The MVC set-up or Model View Controller architecture makes codes easy to understand. You can get supports for many databases and it offers great customizability. You can utilize its features to compose and then send emails. With Zend Framework, you can also publish web services. Zend also makes codes reusable and avoids repetition. It also support multiple languages and the RAD or Rapid Application Development offers excellent tooling support and improves functionality.

So, Zend Framework is popular because of its inherent simplicity. When used in a proper and constructive manner, it can offer its users multiple advantages because it is an exceptionally-flexible platform.

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