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Zurmo is an open source application for Customer Relationship Management with a built-in functionality for Project Management. It is designed as mobile, social, and gamified software and is developed by using a test driven approach for building every part of the application.

It is therefore possible to develop and maintain your own custom software with an assurance of not breaking your install with future updates. Gamification of CRM helps you achieve organizational goals by establishing point systems for actions such as growth in sales, leads and clients.

Zurmo enables ease of customization of wide range of features including custom fields, labels, layouts, and dashboards as well. Zurmo offers broad range of features including product management, marketing automation, workflow management, activity management, and deal tracking to name just a few.

ZURMO Offers full view of contact details and supports lead management in addition to quick access to information with global search functionality. It enables easy view of historical information and offers latest activity widgets and facilitates a single point access to attachments, meetings, tasks, and notes.

Zurmo enables sales force automation and helps management of opportunities by tracking of sales pipeline and tracking probability of closure. It also facilitates CRM Gamification to provide rewards, scores, and badges to end users and helps reporting to cover almost any set of records. It offers mobile ready features to facilitate its access while on the go and also enables wide spectrum of donut, pie, and 3D bar graphs.

There are multiple advantages of gamification approach adopted by Zurmo CRM solution. It improves compliance as well as adoption with the application itself. It is also observed that the gamification improves user experience. It also helps user understand the tasks according to their level of significance. High priority tasks are often rewarded instantly and tangibly.

Zurmo is run on almost all servers and requires PHP 5.3.3+ as well as MuSQL 5.1+ in addition to commonly used modules and PHP libraries.

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