Cloud technology has opened up new vistas by widening global reach of enterprises that were operating only in regional markets. Although this deserves to be termed as one of most remarkable advantages of cloud computing for enterprises, it does have a vital downside in terms of new sets of risk that need to be attended to by designing robust risk management solutions.

Globalization of businesses is also responsible for greater risk of managing a large number of overseas suppliers. Risks of such mammoth scale cannot be managed by internal risk management systems of enterprises. This is precisely the reason why the following cloud niche solutions are gaining extensive acceptance by enterprises that are handling transcontinental solutions. 

Establishing Real-Time Collaboration Involving Suppliers and Companies

As mentioned earlier, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are designed to cater to internal needs of an organization. These can never be appropriate to facilitates global networks that are complex and extensive. In addition, these supply chain networks are influenced by diverse factors that can cause multiple issues.

Efficient networking is the key to deal with risks that are involved in managing supply chains that are spread across globally dispersed suppliers. Networked cloud supply chain solutions integrate companies and their suppliers in a round the clock networking environment.

We can enlist number of instances that helped companies reroute orders due to unexpected natural disaster. In essence cloud based supply chain networks enhanced supply chain capabilities by designing more options of supply chain solutions.


Efficient Management of Multi-Layered Supplier Networks

It is a common practice to outsource a portion of supply chain to third parties in order to accelerate operations without compromising on quality of services. These quality standards are specified in contracts that govern such supplies.

One cannot deny possibility of deviation from the quality standards and subsequent loss of quality trail. Repetitive occurrences of such events may cause irreparable damage to an organization’s hard earned image.

Organizations can leverage cloud based hosting solutions for seamless tracking of multi-tiered suppliers because it is hard to penetrate these entities with help of internal systems. Cloud networking solutions offer deeper and broader outlook of third party suppliers that was hitherto impossible.

Risk Mitigation by Avoiding Banned Suppliers

You need to secure your goodwill by maintaining a safe distance from suppliers that are deceptive and have questionable credentials. There are chances of getting involved with black-listed suppliers that may have links with terrorist outfits or outlawed organizations if you as a company are not able to exercise caution.

In order to play safe, you need to incorporate cloud based restricted risk solutions in your ERP systems. These are designed to use trading partners watch lists that are continuously being updated and are stringently monitored. These solutions are able to provide watch lists to legitimate parties that face a dilemma.


Optimization of Logistics Expenditure

There are many factors that can influence savings not just by way of smart negotiation of terms that govern logistics but also by implementation of inter-model logistics.

These sophisticated and cloud based solutions are designed to offer optimum combination of air and land speed of cargo vehicles with cost effectiveness of ocean as well as rail freight without compromising with client’s delivery expectations.

Ensuring Safety and Protection of Goods in Transit

Clouds can be counted on by logistic partners of many organizations to make sure that safety of transit goods is efficiently monitored. There are multiple ways to make sure that the goods in transit are offered much needed protection. 

This can be done by adopting state of the art methods such as placing temperature sensors inside perishable consignments that are programmed to send out alerts in the event of any unacceptable variation. 

These alerts are relayed over cloud networks for real time monitoring of the state of affairs. Such measures offer impregnable protection to goods in transit by enhancing ability of real time monitoring to enable concerned personnel to initiate preventive measures.

Cloud based technology has been time and again proving its usefulness in dealing with complex issues with long term and far flung repercussions. Businesses are also able to derive multiple advantages of cloud solutions for instant resolution of issues in real time.

Benefits of any technology are not appreciated to the fullest extent unless the technology proves its worth by providing cost saving and commercially viable solutions to the business enterprises. No wonder, cloud adoption is certainly on the rise with development of solutions that help enterprises save and earn money without need to invest into costly hardware infrastructure.


These cloud network security solutions are backed by extensive cloud networks as well as top tiered data centers that are positioned across the globe. These solutions also allow companies to customize various aspects of applications as per their needs. The most striking and practical advantages of clod based logistic networks are reducing logistics expenditure and intuitive management of multi-layered networks.

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