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Cloud adoption is a strategy planned by businesses to find ways and means of reducing costs, minimizing risks while meeting the desired goals of reliability and scalability. The depth of adoption may vary from one organization to another based on service availability.
Cloud adoption strategies must also include identifying probable threats to data and business security, measures to be taken to control it, and ways and means to secure data and applications.

To make sure there is no lapse in accountability or security, businesses considering cloud adoption must be prepared to implement.
Similar security arrangements that should match the security capacities being offered by the cloud hosting provider. Conduct a workshop with the cloud provider and the client team to bring together and review a mutually viable approach to achieve goals and objectives.
Examine the security regulations being offered by the provider checking into details of transparency and other security practices they have offered in their tenure.
The organization must check if they are technically sound to manage and control their data and traffic flow. If not, what measures they may be required to consider solving the issue keeping managed services as an option.
It is equally important for an organization to have a clear in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of the cloud provider, the regulation compliances and certifications they apply etc.
Build a minimum viable cloud(MVC) to move typical adoptive applications. Create a set of business tools, teams and adopt a process for complete migration.
The cloud adoption program for full-scale implementation may take anything between 12 to 24 months. Once the migration process starts, the technical experts must start their operations and maintenance ensuring DevOps installations and automated configuration, disaster recovery, and automated backup plans, and security measure implantation with around the clock NOC (network operations center).

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