A carrier neutral data centre is one which permits more than one telecommunication companies to offer their services through a single provider. This is one further step ahead in attaining depth in the data center industry. This convergence of various telecommunication companies can happen either at a colocation center where servers of different companies are kept or without it. To draw a simple analogy, assume that you have the telephone connection from a carrier neutral company which can provide the calls facility from any of the existing networks. When the same happen in the broadband or internet driven data center industry, it would lead to formation of a carrier neutral data center. This is most often found in case of the colocation service providers.


The server colocation service providers are the ones which provide facility for keeping servers and assure their physical safety and robust internet platform to run the applications. If the internet bandwidth support is provided from more than one of the providers, it is termed as a carrier neutral data center. For colocation facilities, it is pertinent to ensure that the servers do have total uptime. Further, these would not like to remain dependent only on one carrier since problems can arises anytime and making arrangements for alternatives does take time. For this reason, the carrier neutral centers hold importance.


Fosters Competition: A vast majority of carrier neutral data centers are operated by third parties, meaning, organizations which are not the providers of telecommunication or internet services. Therefore, this provider is a new entrant in the supply chain which encourages healthy competition among the basic service providers. The service providers which are not able to match the expectations of the users are slowly edged out of the competition. Increase in competition requires the carriers to be on their toes in terms of providing the best possible services. In this respect, the orientation of the data center provider is distinctly customer-centric, even as the services are being taken from the companies.

Customer-Friendly: These data centers are customer-friendly in more than one way. Being close to the customers, these are in a better position to understand the requirements and match the services accordingly. Customers have more choices in terms of having services from more than one provider. This makes the hosting more reliable than the one where only single carrier is involved.

Besides reliability, there are more alternatives available in terms of the service providers. They can switch from one provider to another on demand or otherwise, without having to go through the cumbersome process of shifting the servers. They get consistent services even if there are issues from one carrier. The other carrier quickly fills the gap.

Low Costs: Costs of these servers are lower than what customers get directly from the basic service providers. Cheap server hosting charges are related directly to increased competition from different providers. Customers save good sum of money for their hosting requirements using the carrier neutral data center services.


What is Means for Basic Service Providers?

While customers are definitely going to benefit from this intermediary layer of carrier neutral service providers, the benefits are also not lost on the basic service provider. They do not have to worry about the last leg connectivity. Rather, the focus shifts to providing quality service to the intermediary and expanding the network quickly to reach as many such providers as possible. Hence, quick expansion plans can be drawn up.

If the services of one of the providers are exceptionally better than the competitors than better rates can also be commanded from the colocation carrier-neutral data center providers.

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