The data centers are increasing every day. The reasons behind this increasing demand of data center are; the qualm of executives, IT staff and finance departments who are unable to execute the capital resources essential for acquiring the infrastructure necessary for building their own data center.

"CloudOye Data Center noida is the solution to all such problems". We provide you with the superlative service in the market.

Some key points which will help in building 'the' relationship between us:

  -  We have an area of 25,000 square feet with approximately 5,000 square feet bankable space.

  -  We use separate elevators for moving the servers and racks.

  -  We have a loading dock and staging area available with us.

  -  We have a Five Zone Security which includes 24*7 security officers and armed guards, CCTVs and recorders, card system, motion detection and biometric hand geometry readers.

  -  We also make sure that there is no water leakage or rodents in the area for which we have installed the Water Leak Detection System and Rodent Repellent System, respectively.

  -  We have N +1 generator with 5000 liters of diesel with up to 48 hours of backup which keeps us active all the time.

  -  We have a fully redundant precision air cooling system dedicated server for every server with N +1 redundancy.

  -  We have installed smoke detectors and fire alarms all over the area.

  -  We also provide you with different Value Added Services like database management, O/S Management, Firewall Management, Backup Management, IDS/IPS and many more.

  -  We use the proprietary network architecture with refined routing technologies to enhance the complete network performance.

We provide data center service depending upon your need and deed. Our highly sophisticated group of experts are at your service all the time.