With the growing advancement in technology and ever-increasing competition in the market, it has become of paramount significance for the businesses to cherry-pick one of the best options between operating in-house data centers, leasing external servers or to go ahead with the third choice - colocation. A colocation data center solution is one of the optimal solutions, wherein you can house your own equipment in highly sophisticated and advanced server rooms. However, not all the data centers are the alike. 

Digging deeper into the discussion, we would say that there are certain key aspects that you need to pay heed to before shifting your mission-critical data to any co-location data center. They are as follows:

Guaranteed Uptime Service Level : Server access is one of the most crucial aspects that even a diminutive cessation in it can create exceptionally huge problem for any business. There are many colocation centers that strive to deliver 100% guaranteed uptime to their respective clients, and nothing less is acceptable in today's environment. Consistent and highly dependable network connections are indispensable for complete access. A colocation center deploys multiple ISPs and WAN connections to engender an unswerving network that remains operative in the events of unexpected spurt of network traffic or any unpredictable physical impairment to the connections. Oftentimes, it has been found that any modification done in the existing software application even lead to downtime. Administrators recurrently change server configurations, integrate security patches, or upgrade software. Hence, if these errands are executed inaccurately, then possibilities are there that it might even result into system crashes. These data centers have a team of highly experience and professional technical personnel who completely understand criticality of each and every situations; and accordingly take required measures to maintain and keep the network software out of harm's way. 

-Efficient Management of Power:  Generally speaking, almost all the data centers are at the mercy of utility industry. Intentional or unintentional brownouts and blackouts can undeniably bring the functioning of servers to a complete halt unexpectedly resulting into either downtime or data corruption. Hence, the IT departments usually resort to the usage of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to countervail. But, UPS is not used to keep the server functioning go on ceaselessly, rather they are used to so that system doesn't shut down out of sudden and results in to data loss. Simply put, it allows the systems to shut down easily alongside keeping the data safe and secure. Here comes the colocation data center to the rescue as they employ onsite generators to keep the equipment running at the time of long power breaks. Multiple generators make the power even more consistent. Procurement and maintenance of generators isn't that affordable means for many businesses, so in-house data centers will always be under high risk during unexpected power interruption.

-Catastrophes  Fire or Natural : Sudden outbreak of fire is one of grave physical threat to the IT equipment, but systems designed to safeguard people and buildings are of no use in data centers. By the time, the normal smoke detector will raise alert, sensitive hard drives would be damaged and chances are that you will end up losing the most critical information within fraction of seconds. Colocation data center service providers syndicate revolutionary technology for smoke detection along with specialized fire suppression equipment. Natural calamities, such as floods and earthquakes perhaps do threaten data centers. Insurance only gives coverage to equipment, but it won't be reimbursing any organization for any loss of business and reputation when data is damaged. Colocation centers employ a wide array of security provisions to safeguard equipment from impairment even during the time of grave disasters.

-Expert Help:  The performance or running of data centers can only be smooth when it is managed by knowledgeable and experienced people. Many organizations usually are not aware of this very fact and end up hiring unqualified applicants, which further addition to the overall overhead cost. Colocation managed services offer access to qualified IT professionals that would be near to impossible for some businesses to afford otherwise. They hire exceptionally qualified candidates and strive to provide 24x7x365 support services.

In a nutshell, would say that it has no longer realistic and possible for enterprises to manage and handle their own data centers. Colocation data center solutions are relatively less expensive than in-house provisions, and offer a level of proficiency and protection few enterprises can manage.