There can be two radically different perspectives of data centers depending on individual entrepreneurs. For some of the businessmen, a data center is a physical facility that is used for positioning servers and storage of data. However, a data center is also viewed as resource to serve greater business objectives.

There are many reasons why a data center needs to be perceived as a growth driver to spread out your web presence. In such a scenario, the role of an established data center provider is of utmost importance in assisting entrepreneurs to take more gainful business decisions by expanding web footprint.


Understanding role of Maslow’s hierarchy from data center’s perspective

In order to make sure that your data center acts as a growth enabler for your business, it is quite obvious that you should get associated with a proven data center service provider. Selection of right host is one of the most fundamental and critical business decisions. Since the data center facility is a highly cost intensive IT venture it should provide profitable returns on investment.

We can consider applying Abraham Maslow’s theory that explains hierarchy of needs to the context of data center in order to understand role of data center in terms of business growth.

Maslow’s theory of hierarchy explains that the human needs can be arranged in the order of basic importance. The most basic needs including water and food assume the highest significance followed by other less important needs including self actualization or creativity.

It would be enlightening if we apply the theory of Maslow’s hierarchy to the business perspective of a data center by making slight alterations to different needs.

Phase 1- Most basic need: Availability of website and uptime

Every organization that seeks to partner with a data center provider is driven by these two fundamental needs. Uptime and website availability surpass all other needs to have a data center facility. These basic attributes of any data center must be supported by number of resources including availability of space, facilities for power and cooling, and assured network connectivity. It is therefore not surprising that assurance of uptime is one of the most significant features of Service Level Agreement provided by the service provider. Uptime and availability are very basic needs of an online business and are as significant as food and water for human beings or living animals. One should understand that according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs there can be slight difference in the way basic needs are perceived. Some are for survival while others are for comfort of living. Same principle can be applied to the resources of data centers that differ in terms of quality for different service providers.

Phase 2- Need to be secure and safe: Immunity from disasters

Businesses need to continue in spite of calamities or disasters and the level of immunity of your business from any untoward events is directly related to your data center’s readiness level in the face of such calamities. You need to assess data center provider’s ability to deal with natural calamities including floods, snow storms, fire, and so forth. Uninterrupted business availability also calls for greater redundancy and guaranteed ability of data center provider to support your business availability with incessant connectivity, cooling, and power. Having multiple facilities of data centers in different geographical locations can prove to be a great advantage to reduce chances of single point failure. Frequent monitoring and testing of vital systems can also improve preparedness of a data center facility to avert disasters. Data center security also encompasses access control measures for prevention of intrusion by unauthorized elements.

Phase 3- Need for support services: Easy availability of resources

Every growing business needs to be nurtured with easy availability of networking service providers and a robust IT infrastructure. Easy access to enterprise grade IT services, that are scalable and flexible can seamlessly support your business expansion plans without any hurdles. If you are able to partner with a dependable data center provider that offers a comprehensive ecosystem with state of the art capabilities then you need not worry about growth of your business.

Phase 4- : Robust vision: Ensuring unhindered business growth

Data centers should be able to offer assured support to accommodate expansion and growth objectives of clients’ businesses. Every business needs to grow in terms of customer reach and revenues. Availability of multi-location facilities and scalable systems can certainly facilitate business growth. Data center providers should be able to match visions of clients and should have a scalable infrastructure for the same.

Phase 5- Need to have an edge over competition

The final and the most vital need according to Maslow’s need hierarchy is to attain self actualization. This can be transformed to a distinct edge over competition in terms of an online business. Data centers can play significant role in improving competitiveness of clients by allowing them to rapidly introduce new products and services across geographical regions and continents. This can include wide spread availability of Content Distribution Networks and multiple data centers across the globe.



There is need to understand subtle and distinct differences among different data centers. While all data centers are able to cater to basic needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy, there are few service providers that rise above the crowd and empower their clients to take on the competition head on and expand their enterprises by crossing all types of barriers.

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