India has evidenced a far-fetched escalation in the data center operations over past few years owning to increasing demand of IT services both in domestic and global market. Significantly, with the swelling IT activities and ever-increasing usage of Internet have altogether paved way to data explosion.

Consequently, so as to furnish the rising digital requirements of general public and businesses, an indispensable support infrastructure is a must. And, all this can only be well managed through data centers.

These days, organizations are increasingly seeking to host their critical applications and commercial website at self-governing and state-of-the-art data centers to accomplish greater degree of operational efficiencies and make their business processes more efficient.

According to industry analysts, data centers have evolved to a great extent to cater to the varying demands and convolutions faced by businesses in their quest to stay ahead of the learning curve. Recent arrival of virtualization, orchestration and workflow automation has made it mandatory for the Indian data centers to evolve their infrastructure and overall business operations accordingly.

 Gartner has estimated increase in number of Indian data center over coming five years in shape of colocation and hosting market. As per them, total IT expenditure on data center capacity across the globe is likely to reach around $3.8 trillion in 2014.

Let's have Closer Look at Some of Key Aspects that Businesses Should Consider Before Taking up data center services:

- Enables businesses to reduce their CAPEX to 25%-50%

- Emphasis on appropriate utilization of space that you must be using for an in-house data center.

- Enables you to focus on other important aspects of your business, while keeping all your worries about your IT infrastructure at bay.

- Takes the edge off the uncertainties that are caused due to power blackout or a natural catastrophe.

- Better-quality network redundancy that means guaranteed uptime.

- Stringent Data Protection. 

- Allows you to increase or decrease your resource as per your varying business requirements.

- You no longer have to worry about hiring a team of experienced IT professionals. Since by outsourcing data center services all your worries are lifted off by the IT staff of the service provider.


 Recently, it has been found that the software-defined data center have begun to reinforce its footing in the market, because of comprehensive control provision that is being placed over the host of hardware resources.


 In a nutshell, completely make over your IT infrastructure, trim down operational and infrastructural expenditures and amplify business productivity with cohesive approach to data center solutions.