Website is a reflection of an individual or a business organization, however in case of an online enterprise the website itself is a business and must be valued accordingly. Hence an ecommerce website needs to be supported with exclusive availability of resources for its seamless online availability and performance in spite of sudden rise in number of visitors. 

Hosting of ecommerce websites needs to strike a right balance between economy and performance for addressing budgetary restrictions and for guaranteed availability of the website. The task of finding a right host that can satisfy these needs can be highly overwhelming. This calls for an extremely careful investigation of hosts in terms of performance and affordability.

This also explains importance of a dedicated server for hosing ecommerce websites. A dedicated server works as a robust and independent platform for developers to create websites in addition to ease of absolute control on server operations. Linux dedicated servers are designed to blend economy and performance. 

Cost of ownership

The term ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ assumes significant importance as far as hosting of ecommerce website is concerned. There are multiple aspects of TCO including the expenditure involved in procurement, other initial costs and ongoing maintenance of the software. Linux dedicated hosting does provide remarkable advantages for better TCO. 

Since Linux is open source distribution, users are not required to pay for purchasing license for downloading the software. Moreover, it is supported by a broad assortment of community members, discussion forums and tutorials to help users resolve issues if any.

Reliability of Linux OS

It is hardly surprising why Linux is powering majority of computers across the globe, including the ten fastest super computers and a multitude of high security government websites. 

Linux has been found to deliver remarkably efficient management of ecommerce websites and is perceived as the leading operating system for supporting web server operations. 

Linux operating system offers ease of installation and facilitates a secure and reliable hosting environment. It supports scalability of resources to help ecommerce websites perform seamlessly by efficient handling of traffic spikes. 

Flexible Linux dedicated server hosting

Linux is known for its unparalleled flexibility, since users can easily build multimedia applications, bogs, websites, online forums, ecommerce applications and variety f other online platforms without any hassles. Thanks to General Public License based 

Linux Operating System that helps save vital space on hard disks by allowing users to install only those components that are essential. Linux provides freedom of using server and desktop applications along with embedded solutions.

Add to this availability of multiple flavors such as Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, with a free distribution and you are ready for a reliable and flawless online operation of ecommerce website.

Fast yet simple

In comparison with Windows operating system, Linux facilitates its use even by those who are not technically proficient. With Linux powered ecommerce hosting, one can experience a greater speed of page loading in addition to simple, easy, stable and reliable hosting. 

In addition to simple and easy process of installation, Linux facilitates pre-installed software that is packed with ability to be extended or modified. Ecommerce operators can enjoy an excellent speed of their sites’ page loading and a superior performance of the online applications.

Dependable and secure performance

Security continues to be a central issue with significant growth in number of hacking attempts and DDoS attacks. Linux has always emerged as a strong operating system in discussion forums that compare security of Windows and Linux kernels.
What’s more, Linux is rated to be a highly reliable distribution, thanks to the seamless availability of technical support. The reliability factor assumes greater significance because there is a continuous modification of search engine policies. Users of Linux operating systems can easily handle these changes with a strong technical support. 

Dedicated servers with Linux operating systems are designed to be robust and do not crash easily. This is especially due to number of security aspects that include firewall, anti-virus, and anti spyware solutions. Active Linux community makes sure that the bugs are instantly fixed after these are reported. 

With a scalable Linux system, users are allowed to expand their operations by adding more number of servers. In addition to this, users can implement use of scripting languages more easily with a Linux dedicated server