Who is exactly a 21st-century creator and what qualifies one to be called a digital creator?

A creator is someone who is approachable and who is in constant view of their followers. But this is not enough for a creator, a 21st-century creator should be passionate and is socially aware that helps him or her in building up a strong and unending connection with its viewers and followers.

Out of all creators, YouTube creators are the ones who are more in action and produce content on YouTube. YouTube is not now only just about creating videos, it is also about brand building and making a living out of it. The creators of this era need to be much more aware and evolved in their game to sustain in the billion-dollar industry.

If we observe, then in the last decade, the trend of video creation for platforms like YouTube, etc. has completely transformed. This has led to a place where YouTube creation has become a full-fledged profession.This has made such creators much more professional and sophisticated in their game of creation.

Most of the famous YouTubers do not come up with their YouTube channel without the backup of a suitable hosting plan. Video streaming cannot be possible to happen smoothly without the support of a good hosting plan.

Hence, the question arises whether dedicated server hosting good for the creators in 2020 to stay relevant in the game. Dedicated hosting India understands the requirements of their consumers and renders such services that always helps them to become even more powerful in terms of communicating their ideas.

Videos are still the preferred form of content

A plethora of content gets uploaded over YouTube or any other such video-based content supporting platforms. This is not what I am saying but says the statistics. Thus, here are some reasons why you need a dedicated server hosting as a creator-

1. Unmetered upload times- Many times, you might come to hear from viewers that the video was very fun to watch but it took a significant amount of time to upload. Then you think that how is it possible as took care of the hosting part on your own. The problem lies here only which you just mentioned. Self-hosting your videos might lead to significant upload times and you would not get to know. It is through your followers and viewers from whom you will hear. Not only this, in some cases the video might even stop playing after some time and all your hard work goes in vain. Most of the videos that are being uploaded on YouTube are more or equal to 10 minutes in length and thus are of more than 100 MB. We know the ease of uploading and hosting the videos on your own but is it the right way to treat your creativity. Once you get yourself a trusted dedicated server host, you won’t be hearing things like these from your followers-

  •  “The video was taking like a lifetime to load”
  • “When I clicked on your video all that appeared was a black screen”
  • “Why your video stopped playing after some seconds?”

Such mere technical issues are smoothly taken care of by a dedicated server and your viewers are not going to encounter problems like these.

2. Unlimited bandwidth- Your creativity should not be barred by the limitation of limited bandwidth. Most of the high-quality videos ask for high bandwidth that can only be fulfilled by the dedicated resources of a dedicated server host. As we are aware of the fact that some of the videos can measure large in size and HD quality on top can measure even larger. Consider a situation wherein you have recently uploaded a large video file loaded with high MB HD quality.

After an hour or so unexpected traffic starts to flow but as your video has been self-hosted it is not able to load. When unlimited requests start to flow you will not be able to handle the flow and your video might go down in terms of ranking irrespective of being very creative. We know you would not want this to happen in your wildest dreams and keeping this in mind a dedicated hosting India provides you with unlimited server bandwidth. It also puts up the provision of bringing of another website on the same server 

3. Boundless storage space – When there is no restriction on the storage space, file sizes can reach up to your desired limit. Also when there is dedicated server hosting to take care of all this then why to wonder for this and wasting your time that can be put in to go more creative. You might also hear that there are violations in the name of Acceptable Use Policy on some of the video platforms on videos that are very large media files. The storage space will also appear to be big of a problem when you start uploading videos very frequently and run out of storage space in the middle of the month. Unlimited storage space also takes care of taking backup as the data starts to shoot at an exponential rate. 

4. Multiple video formats- When you put your trust on dedicated server hosting for hosting your website, you get the best services in the market. Multiple video formats are one of them and thus allowing you as a creator to explore more and more possibilities and keeping up your game constantly. This becomes necessary because you might not be sure that which web browser your viewer is using. Different web browsers allow only a set of video formats to run and thus you need to be sure that your video is not being restricted. A dedicated server host will help in converting the videos from one format to another and brings you and your viewers at ease.

5. Playable on every device – You cannot be sure whether your viewer is going to play your video on a laptop or on a mobile phone. But you need to be ready for both the situations and have to make different resolution videos for different devices.

But making multiple versions of a single video might lead to so much of data and again calls for a dedicated server host in action. It takes care of delivering your video according to the device as well as the web browser a particular viewer is using. Thus, by this serving your video as per the demand of each viewer. Apart from this delivering videos to the viewers with a slower internet connection becomes a challenge for the self-hosted videos. Dedicated server hosting covers this as well. 

6. Free from piracy- When running a creative channel, the last thing you would want is that your videos or creation are not getting copied or getting downloaded from illegal sources. To save your content from so many piracy running websites and hackers online, you need a dedicated server host that will keep your content regulated and protected. It makes sure that your videos are only allowed to get embedded on your own channel or website. 

If these many reasons are not enough to make you understand then the loss of visibility, traffic, and dealing with cumbersome code will definitely make you understand. Hence, it is highly recommended to opt for a dedicated server hosting for hosting your videos and give your creation the taste of success that it deserves. 

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