Web hosting industry is full of service providers that offer wide range of solutions including dedicated server hosting. Interestingly, almost all providers make tall claims about how their product is second to none. In their sales talk, one would be showered with plethora of functions without actually substantiating the value proposition.
Right Web Hosting For Business
Every customer is interested to know what kind of value addition would be available with the dedicated server offered by a particular provider. The very objective of purchasing a cost-intensive dedicated server is to get access to benefits and not the never-ending list of functions.
It is common for a website to go live with support of a shared hosting as an initial web hosting option. The major advantages of shared hosting can be attributed to the cost efficiency of a multi-tenant arrangement. In a shared hosting environment, resources of a single server are shared by hundreds of websites to bring down cost of hosting at individual level.
The choice of shared hosting is quite rational if you consider the limited resource requirement of a new site. There is hardly any traffic spike in the initial phase of the business since the number of visitors is bound to grow steadily as the business picks up. However, one should not overlook factors that decide security of hosting if a website is engaged in handling sensitive or personal information such as heath records or online transactions.
Moreover, one needs to come to terms with low performance potential of website that operates in a shared hosting environment due to resource constraints. On the other hand, a dedicated server is far more powerful and superior in terms of its performance, security, and resource availability.
In addition, you will be capable of controlling the hosting environment and server administration with provision of root server access unlike a shared hosting arrangement that is controlled by service provider. Yet another feature of a dedicated server is its unmatched customizability to facilitate organizations configure the server in line with their objectives and IT policies.

Considering the cost of hosting your website with help of a dedicated server, you must make sure that all vital parameters are analyzed for a thorough cost to benefit analysis. In this post you will get accustomed with some of the most important advantages of a dedicated server to help make an informed decision as you graduate to a better hosing option than a shared hosting plan.

Ease Of Managing The Server
As the name implies, a dedicated server is designed to function entirely to support your business and therefore all its resources can be configured and managed exclusively by you.

To begin with, the user of a dedicated server hosting is allowed to choose the operating system for running the server. Secondly, one need not be concerned about configuration because all aspects of the dedicated server including RAM and CPU can be configured according to the user requirements.
Freedom of selecting applications to be installed is another great attribute of a dedicated server because in a shared hosting plan, choice of applications is not within your scope. This also enhances safety potential of a dedicated server as you are at liberty to install software that adds another layer of security. Applications and software programs can be scheduled according to requirements of the organization.

Flexible Operations

Since your dedicated server can be customized in terms of resources and applications, you are able to operate in an extremely flexible environment. You will be able to enjoy seamless control over the server operations for facilitating a business growth through installation of relevant applications.

Many organizations are using independent servers for different operations and it is possible to reserve a dedicated server exclusively for operating mail services or any other applications.

Assured Performance

Performance guarantee is a vital attribute of your dedicated server because all resources of the server including CPU, RAM, and bandwidth are available for a single server and not going to be shared by other websites. This feature can be better appreciated by users who are migrating to a dedicated server hosting from shared hosting packages.
Business websites are capable of delivering seamless performance due to the exclusive support of a single server that does not share its resources and is not prone to failure or crash. If your website is exposed to traffic spikes and a high volume of concurrent hits, then abundant resources of the dedicated server are sure to keep your business up and running.
In Conclusion

No other type of hosting can compete with dedicated server hosting when you need a guaranteed resource availability, privacy, and flexibility to configure and control the server environment. You can easily fulfill bespoke objectives of your business with freedom to install software of your choice and also gain robust protection from noisy neighbor problems.


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