A dedicated hosting is considered to be good for businesses which get a lot of web traffic and which need a high server uptime. In dedicated hosting, there is a single server dedicated exclusively for a single client. So, the client enterprise signing up for dedicated hosting will have exclusive access to all the server’s resources.
What Are The Benefits Which Dedicated Hosting Can Offer Your Business?

- It will not have to be worried about server resources being used up by neighboring sites on the same server. Moreover, malicious activities and poor scripts running on neighboring sites cannot make your site slow down in dedicated hosting because resources will never have to be shared with others.

- Dedicated hosting is good for businesses because it can guarantee better site performance and higher security. You will be assured of a high uptime for the site. While shared hosting may be enough for individual websites and smaller businesses, high-traffic sites will need higher uptime and more stable servers which dedicated hosting can offer.

- Dedicated hosting offers high-end flexibility as the users have complete control over the server. So, you get to set up custom software and even customize the server according to your unique needs for RAM or CPU. In shared hosting you will be limited to software, operating systems and applications which the host will decide for you and are pre-loaded onto the server.

- In dedicated hosting, you will also be assigned a unique IP address. In shared hosting, you must share an IP address with many other sites. So, if any of the others is a spam site or an adult site, the chances of getting blacklisted are high. Your ranking on search engines will also be pushed down. These issues are not there in a dedicated server because you have a separate IP address and this is also a necessary pre-condition for getting the SSL certificate without which a site cannot be deemed as fit for conducting online transactions securely.

- With dedicated hosting you do not have to be ever worried about sharing the same server space with spam websites and malicious sites. Dedicated hosting will offer better security features which are especially beneficial for all companies handling online financial payments over FTP and SSL.

- The best part about using a dedicated server is that you can sign up for fully managed dedicated hosting when you have neither the time nor resources to manage servers independently. The provider will take care of the deployment and maintenance of the hardware and software. So, your overhead expenses are reduced and it improves return on your investments.

These are only some of the key reason why dedicated hosting is important for your business. But these advantages come for a high cost. Shared hosting plans are the most affordable and effective solutions for enjoying quality web hosting. Dedicated hosting is much more costly but needed for sites looking for customizability and high-end security. Choosing a dedicated server hosting plan however is not going to be easy because there are many types of factors which one must consider to make the right choice.

When you buy dedicated hosting for your business you will be able to enjoy a high degree of flexibility. However, while choosing a host you need to decide which system is good for your company. For instance, when you accept credit card payments from your buyers and take their financial data, you must settle only for a host which can guarantee you stringent security features. Only then can you be sure of catering securely to millions of customers.

One of the major drawbacks of dedicated hosting is that the technical supports tend to become very costly. So, when you are paying so much money for these hosting plans, you need to ensure that the provider offers round-the-clock supports through chats, phone calls and emails.

Dedicated hosting is going to give you a far better uptime than any other form of web hosting. However, it is important to make sure that the host offers redundant connectivity and power supplies to deal with sudden outage. You should also make sure that their SLAs offer hardware upgrades from time to time as part of the package. You must also find out whether they are in a position to offer you additional resources like higher bandwidth or greater memory whenever you need these.

After reviewing the pros and cons of this type of hosting, it seems fair to conclude that dedicated hosting is by far the best choice for businesses getting high we traffic. You can be sure of getting better technical supports, higher uptime, and higher bandwidth and enhanced security when you find a good dedicated web host. The importance of dedicated hosting for businesses can therefore be understood when you analyze the benefits that this hosting solution offers to its clients.


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