Are you planning to start up with new online venture? And, still vacillating between which options to go ahead amongst umpteen options? Here, would say that anyone can get bemused when have to choose the best option. Each hosting provision has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Like, shared website hosting is comparatively less expensive and enables the users to host hundreds of websites while sharing a same physical server with multiple users. Whereas, a dedicated server is fundamentally meant for websites with huge volume of web traffic, and is the highly expensive web hosting solution (mainly due to the fact that a dedicated server is given to single user).

And, Virtual Private Server (VPS) rests in between the two hosting solutions, that is, shared and dedicated server hosting. In contrary, VPS is very cost-effective than a dedicated server, and besides facilitating users with users with a wide array of attributes to gain powerful online presence than shared hosting.

The user gets the power to run in-demand OS, instantly configure applications, and can scale required resources up or down to match their requirements.

Quick Glance at Key Attributes of VPS Hosting Solution that Makes it the Most Preferred Solution Amongst Businesses:

In case, you are seeking a solution through which you can easily add additional services or products, along with secured compliance, then would say that VPS hosting will be an ideal option that can meet your expectations very well. Even for start-up and growing online businesses, VPS account has been considered as a beneficial solution.

- Superior Performance: It provides unremitting performance, provides grass root-level access to the users, and is least affected by the activities of the neighboring users, which is pretty an uncertain scenario in case of shared hosting provision.

- Seamless Customization:  VPS server do offers key attributes of a dedicated server. Therefore, it becomes ultimately easy for users to configure firewall setup, which is usually not possible in case of shared server. It permits them to lock the ports, get unique IP address, and enables them to customize Cpanel, mail, database, and domain according to their business requirements.

- Robust Security:  It offers rigorous security provisions for each of the VPS account. Since each hosted account is independent of the other multiple accounts which restrict anyone from unethically intrude or infringe the critical data.

- Scalable: Another aspect of the VPS server that makes it the most preferred solution is scalability. You can switch to the desired hosting plan, instantly increase or decrease your resources with zero downtime.

In the end, would say that leverage the benefits of VPS hosting and gain competitive advantage over your competitors. 

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