This question only arises when you are a serious full-time blogger rather than an amateur. In fact, this is also applicable for those blogs that have high traffic and the potential of growth is exponential in nature. If you are just starting out and your blog has just a few hundred visits on a daily basis, this article is not for you as shared hosting is perfect for you. If your blog is getting a daily traffic inflow of thousand, this blog is meant just for you. You must know why hosting blog on VPS hosting is better than doing the same on a shared server.

When do you need to find a VPS hosting provider in India and get out of the shared server your blog is currently hosted in? Let’s find out the answer.

You need to move to VPS as your Blog has outgrown shared server

The first thing that needs to be said here is that the need for shifting from shared hosting to VPS hosting is necessitated when your blog has overgrown capacity of shared hosting. Now, how to know that your needs have outgrown server capacity of shared hosting? There are some thumb rules one can check that can tell a webmaster that the time has come to shift from shared to VPS hosting. Let’s find out -

#1 Has your blog’s site traffic increased dramatically?

The first inflection point of need for changing hosting solution from shared to VPS hosting India is when daily traffic of your blog jumps from low (anything below 1000 to 2000 total visits per day) to more than 5000 or even 8000 per day. If you have adopted a strategy of aggressive online advertising and also given alluring offers, there is every chance that your blog is going to witness dramatic rise in popularity, followed by spike in traffic. If you feel that the momentum of web traffic to your site will be maintained and anticipate its dramatic increase in the coming months, it is most prudent for you to get a more dedicated bandwidth as well as disk space. This is because of the fact that increased traffic will take toll on speed of the server, followed by excessive adverse pressure on performance. If you don’t want to confront repeated downtime and don’t want slow loading time of site, it is the best time you change your hosting service provider in India from shared to VPS.      

#2 Is data security an issue for you?

When blogs start their journey, they don’t have lots of data. However, after a certain period of time, they have lots of data to protect from others. In fact, there are many transactions or access details related data that bloggers want to save from cyber criminals. This is when they need enhanced data security. One of the most effective ways to do that is definitely moving to a more dedicated environment. If you can choose a dedicated server, that will be the best decision. But they cost a lot. This is why more and more bloggers with rising prospects opt for VPS hosting solution, which provides them with better data security than shared servers.

#3 Are you looking for site customization and more personalized settings?

Your blog may have reached such a stage where you look for more control of the existing server infrastructure. This will happen only when you move out of your shared server and opt for either VPS or dedicated server, based on your budget and needs. When you select a more dedicated kind of server, you get enhanced control on the server infrastructure. Some of the facilities that a blogger can change in dedicated of VPS hosting are customization of firewall configurations, ability of running more advanced scripts, ability to install applications that are more sophisticated in nature, and many more. All these factors help enhance user experience of the visitors of the blog and not get constrained by the limitations of shared hosting.

There are many more factors associated and they are need of greater email capacity, more money generation from the site, and many more that make a blogger move to VPS hosting from a shared server.

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