VPS hosting provides a virtual private server for businesses looking for additional resources without having to spend more for dedicated hosting. This private server works like a dedicated server for these companies although it is installed as part of a physical server. This physical server is divided into multiple virtual private servers, each of these functions independent of the others. In VPS hosting, the virtual machine is able to meet the individual needs of every user like a dedicated server. This virtual server will offer the same functions and security as a dedicated server minus the price. Each of these virtual platforms run their own operating system and is free to reboot or customize their server settings. So, VPS hosting basically acts like a bridge between dedicated and shared hosting plans. Virtual servers can run their own OS and users can enjoy superuser access to this OS. Users can also install any software on this OS.

How to Get VPS Hosting:

With the growing popularity of VPS hosting India services, more and more companies are now offering these plans at reasonable costs. VPS hosting can be either fully managed or semi managed. When it is unmanaged VPS hosting, the clients are responsible for monitoring and handling all technical problems related to the server. Since virtualization technologies continue to evolve guaranteeing better functionality and performances, the trend is expected to last. There are many strong reasons why companies choose VPS hosting plans, whether it is the ability of these plans to upgrade resources to meet growing demands or the fact that this form of hosting has a low carbon footprint.

Benefits of Choosing VPS Hosting:

Reliability: On a shared server, the performance of a site is likely to be affected because resources like bandwidth and disk space are shared with co-users. This means that websites will face downtime and start to malfunction, sending away potential customers and adversely affecting sales. In case another co-user site crashes on this server, your site will also suffer. This is why VPS hosting is a far more reliable solution for start-ups and individuals who do not want to face these risks associated with shared hosting. It gives users total root access to their virtual servers and they can install custom software if needed.

Environment-Friendly: VPS hosting means effective use of resource and low carbon footprint because customers are using virtual servers which are part of a single physical server. In dedicated hosting, businesses enjoy all the resources of a single server but in VPS hosting, the large server is sliced into multiple virtual servers so that many businesses can share resources without getting in each others way.

Scalability: Websites can use VPS hosting to upgrade their resources whenever the need arises. For start-ups, this feature is important because it can hope to grow bigger in time and it can scale its resources without having to face downtime issues. For instance, when your site gets a lot of traffic, you can simply upgrade your RAM without having to call your dedicated server host to install it physically for you.

These benefits of VPS hosting make it a great option for small businesses. These plans are highly affordable and with more advancement in virtualization technologies, prices are likely to go down even further.

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