Selection of a hosting service provider is an essential step to achieve seamless availability of business applications.  However, it is also an extremely daunting proposition due to presence of a great number of providers out there.

Choosing the Right Hosting Solution

Shared hosting plans are the most sought after hosting solutions by enterprise clients in the early phase of their business. A typical shared hosting plan provides freedom from server management cores in addition to economy of the multi-tenant environment.

As the business progresses, there is a need for a more resourceful hosting option such as a VPS or dedicated server hosting solution. Dedicated and VPS hosting plans offer choice of a self managed or managed hosting service to customers.

Majority of established service providers are at par in terms of technological expertise and availability of advanced equipment. Business enterprises and individual customers rather need to compare service providers on the basis of hosting services that are being offered.

Enterprise customers need to choose a right hosting solution that matches their in-house strengths and fulfils their unique business needs. In view of this, one must select either a self managed hosting solution or a managed hosting plan. These hosting plans are designed to cater to specific use case scenarios and hence one must gain sufficient knowledge about their features to avoid future complexities.

Self Managed Hosting Solutions

In an unmanaged or self managed hosting service, customers are offered access to a web server and its operating system. The customer is responsible for management, configuration, software installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the hosting environment.

As the name itself implies, unmanaged or self-managed hosting does not include even the basic services of server configuration as the customer is expected to take care of every aspect of server management. Ideally, a self-managed hosting service should not be chosen by enterprises unless they possess an in-house talent and expertise to execute all aspects of configuring, patching and maintaining servers in addition to implementation of OS updates and so forth.

Necessity of Managed Hosting Services

Majority of small and medium business enterprises are not in a position to maintain teams of IT professionals for looking after operation and maintenance of servers. This underlines importance of availing managed hosting plans that offer comprehensive server management.

Clients of managed hosting services need not be concerned about installation of software, server configuration, OS installation, patching, maintenance and monitoring of servers, and backup and storage related issues. Managed services are designed to ensure freedom from routine maintenance, security, and upgrades of server infrastructure to help customers take care of their business expansion.

Managed hosting solutions enjoy amazing popularity among enterprise customers since they need a dependable hosting support for ensuring seamless performance of advanced applications.

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is the most sought after hosting solution by customers who feel the need for a superior hosting option than shared plans. In view of this a managed VPS hosting service can be the most ideal hosting solution for businesses with limited or no in-house technical expertise.

Undeniable Benefits of a Managed VPS Service

Before understanding advantages of managed VPS services, it would be appropriate to know various features of a Virtual Private Server that empower small and medium business enterprises.

A Virtual Private Server is designed to provide dedicated memory, processing power, and storage space to users. If you happen to be associated with the right hosting service provider, then you can expect a wider spectrum of resources. This can include a seamless access to cPanel for intuitive control of server environment backed by ability to gain root access.

Reliable VPS hosting service providers are known to provide unfailing technical support irrespective of time zone to their customers for maintaining seamless business availability. This support can be offered via multiple means of communications such as video conferencing, email chat, or telephone.

Since a Virtual Private Server operates in isolation, it is secured from occurrence of any disruptive events in neighboring sites by default. VPS clients are able to enjoy all practical features of a dedicated server as far as availability of independent resources and security is concerned.

Some reputed vendors go one step further and offer customized security for catering to needs of organizations that handle sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and details of payment processing.

Benefits of a Managed VPS Plan  

Well-known VPS hosting providers guarantee an impressive website performance without any downtime by periodic server scans and proactive monitoring of server operations. This is further backed by uninterrupted virus and malware scanning, constant security or OS updates, and scheduled security audits to name a few.

Scalability of storage resources is an important aspect of VPS hosting solution since every business must plan for additional storage to accommodate future growth plans. One must make sure that every single advantage of a managed VPS hosting plan can be guaranteed only if you are able to find the right vendor.

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