It is not uncommon for small and medium business to experience that their sites are far too inadequate for shared hosting. In such a scenario, they choose VPS Server hosting as the next step on the upgrade ladder. 

VPS, short for Virtual Private Server mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. 

To make matters clear, VPS Server hosting offers a partly isolated environment with more control and capability to perform certain customized activities within your website. 

For example, VPS server allows users to run several virtualized operating systems within the server. You can, without restarting your system run Linux, or Windows XP. 

The Advantages That Accrue to Enterprises by VPS Server Hosting are Follows:

- Customization: You benefit by having bespoke instances of all server software such as MySQL and PHP. 

- Control: You are allowed complete root access to your environment enabling you to install any custom software package. This is a distinct advantage not offered by a shared platform, because in a shared environment servers are optimized for security and performance to the maximum extent. This restriction does not allow running of many popular applications due to security limitations. 

- Better Stability and Performance: Your server is completely isolated, making it free of any negative influences by other sites. Since you are not sharing your operating system with any other entity, no unauthorized websites can access your files. 

- Better Management of Resources: On a VPS platform, your environment is hosted within a container that limits the amount of resources that can be used depending on your package. This arrangement however has an upside. You can scale up the resources as and when you need them. 

- Cost Effective: VPS Server hosting is a welcome compromise between shared and dedicated hosting. A VPS Server is available today at very reasonable pricing. And with advance in virtualization technologies prices are expected to get even more competitive in the days to come. For enterprises wanting to upgrade from shared server to VPS Hosting India has providers who can offer very affordable packages. 

Yet, it is important to appreciate that an upgrade to VPS may not be a straightforward journey. You need to have some basic skills on server administration. Besides, the jump in costs can be substantial. 

Luckily, many hosting providers offer easy to use control panels to make server administration an uncomplicated task. Moreover, for clients preferring VPS hosting, India has providers that offer managed server experience. 

Admittedly, once the drawbacks of VPS addressed you will experience that a Virtual Private Server can be set up within no time. With complete freedom to control your own settings you can install or delete sites at your will. 

By far the biggest benefit you gain over shared hosting is on performance. Only your websites consume the allocated resources isolating you from any potentially unstable performance. The good news is VPS accounts are typically run on superior hardware with faster connection speeds. 

It is not surprising that enterprises looking for plans that are scalable and flexible, with rapid deployment features invariably choose VPS Server Hosting.  

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