A refinement done in shared hosting leads to making of a concept called VPS hosting. Although the server is shared, the sites residing within have their unique IP addresses, CPU resources, hard disc spaces and memory spaces.  If you are in an expanding phase of your business and your site isn't experiencing constant high traffic currently, paying for a dedicated connection is an over-priced option for you.

VPS hosting services are cheaper than dedicated hosting services, at the same time providing an opportunity to get rid of congestion, degradation of service due to server sharing and downtime. Various benefits of VPS hosting are:-

Performance Enhancement

The problem of low speed and downtime is buried beneath due to separate memory space, hard disc space, CPU utilization for each website.

Full Privacy & More Security

Any hackers trying to act mischievously through any other site on the same server could hamper your website in case of a shared hosting. But with VPS, this risk is mitigated and you are shielded from curious hackers. 

Better Control

You can configure or restart the server as and when you need to, giving you a better control.

Hence, VPS Hosting India service providers could prove helpful to many customers as it covers a wide range of requirements. 

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