Cloud storage has transformed the way we used to save our memories; team up with remote users for project completion; and manage our lifestyle. Most of the forward-thinking leaders consider cloud, the future of digital storage, to create ripples in the IT world. But, the question that strikes here is– will the futuristic cloud storage remain on the same page?

Over a period of time, storage industry has undergone a plethora of changes that have cropped up a whole host of new questions and fueled new trends. Undeniably, cloud storage has bestowed the users with immense flexibility, convenience, and economies of scale; however, it is equitably important for businesses across different ambits to know how and where their critical personal/professional data is being stored, before subscribing for any cloud storage plan. Subscriber who overlook this facet and opt for a plan hastily should not forget that it could open your critical data to varying degrees of vulnerability. And, Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA’s surveillance programs, including scandalous celebrity photos, are the irk reminders of the same.

Overpromising Cloud: Cloud storage service providers continue to reduce prices and increase storage capacities. Many are predicting that cloud storage will be free, allowing users to store unlimited files, but nothing comes for free, and I won’t buy the statement at all. Competitors doing this will not be able to sustain this approach for long, which will affect end-users who think they can have it all – right from unmatched speed to stringent security, and unlimited file storage. Smart businesses understand that offering unlimited data storage is not a practical undertaking. RapidShare and Bitcasa that offered free cloud storage in the past have failed.

Well, behemoths can practice this by slashing down the prices and can derive profit from other parts of their businesses, but this also won’t be feasible for long. The other side of the equation is, customers need to set their priorities; they need to determine whether security and scalability is their priority or price? You need to opt for a reliable cloud hosting provider that is buoyed with best-in-class cloud architecture to cater to your business needs. It goes without saying that secure and scalable services do include some price and are not sold for free.

Ensure before You Step-in to the Cloud World: It won’t be a sagacious decision to overlook prior analysis and repent later. In the same way, moving your data first to the cloud storage platform, and after realizing the poor service support, migrating it to another platform will not only consume time but it will come out to be a risky proposition.

Recommendation: Don’t pick a platform just because it is offering unlimited storage capacity for free, or at low cost, because this won’t last for long. Companies might fail to deliver the same and may leave you in the middle of nowhere. With no other option in hand, you will have to switch to different vendor in the future.

Publicly or Privately traded Companies: Experts believe that this year and beyond many privately owned cloud storage companies are planning to go public. Initial Public Offering (IPOs) are adopted by companies looking forward to raise the expansion of their capital intending to monetize the capital investments of private investors and to transform into publicly traded enterprises. Undeniably, a lot questions will be shooting up in end-users’ mind; for example, whether choosing cloud is an optimal business decision and whom they should actually choose for this job, a private or a public one?

Recommendation: These questions will help businesses to derive better insights and work seamlessly. The success mantra would be – keeping yourself abreast with latest in cloud storage market and put your best foot forward to determine which cloud service provider has the potential to deliver value to your business. Also, if you feel that the vendor you have contracted is not up to your defined parameters, maybe, it’s the right time to head forth with a bang.

The Increasing Skepticism and a New Approach

The buzzing cloud technology has become mainstream, leveraging businesses of all size with its unbeatable features. However, the security remains the top concern for many. In the past few years, many celebrities have faced breaches, which led many end-users to stay away from the cloud adoption. As cloud doesn’t render complete control to their subscribers, it has raised skepticism among end-users about cloud’s potential to secure their data against unethical attempts.

To combat such irking situations, cloud service providers should strive to create a platform that lives up to their subscriber’s expectations. Not endeavoring to add latest innovative techniques will curtail their growth.

Above and all, companies that embark on digital journey to deliver revolutionary cloud storage solutions will succeed. The smart users will take onus to protect their data and tap on full potential of cloud.