Cloud storage refers to the online storage of data in the cloud, where the company's data is stored and made accessible through various disseminated and related resources that comprise a cloud. With cloud storage your data & files are stored safely and will be available online.

Cloud storage is primarily known for the following three reasons:

-Data storage
-File sharing
-Data Protection

So, let us try and understand, as to how does this entire process of online cloud storage works:

Choose the company that you want to select for storing your data. There are numerous companies available in the market rendering online backup services. Thus, one must perform some careful research in order to make an informed decision.

Choose the files that you want to store and upload in the cloud. Usually, the cloud service providers have online storage software that enables you to upload your data in the cloud.

Pay for the storage space that your data will occupy in the cloud. You will only have to pay as per the storage space utilized by you for storing your data. There are no upfront costs, maintenance fees, repair charges etc. Usually, the storage charges are paid on an annual basis.

You can keep your files private or share it publicly, as per your choice. On the basis of your needs, the cloud service provider will give the access to your data.

Cloud storage facilitates an easy way of storing your files and data in the cloud ,that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.