Realm of IT is in a transformational stage today. New and robust forces have emerged globally that are basically changing how IT is considered, accepted, sold or integrated across businesses of all sizes and industries.

It is no wonder that many enterpriseshave nowadays become more wary about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as well as usage of cloud storage solutions. Many businesses consider that allowing employees to bring their own devices at work abdicates too much control and leaves the door open to security threats. It is a quite explicable position but, as we shall see, an off target one.

Stringent management of mobile device in the era of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is undoubtedly bit intricate and arduous issue for enterprises to navigate. According to one of the leading research firm IDC, it is projected that there will be approximately 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015 and near about 328 million employee-owned smartphones will be on the job by 2017.Simply put, this means every enterprisehas to be prudentwhile considering its own BYOD dogmas and optimal ways to shield your business-critical data against intruders. 

What happens if employee's smartphones or tablets are misplaced or stolen? Or how can they misuse the business data they have? These are certain questions can give nightmares to anyone. You should not overlook them as many as half of misplaced mobile devices arenever recovered.

Bearing all these things in mind many companies are taking radical measures when it comes to management of mobile devices. 

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the key measures taken up by businesses to protect their data against security threats: 

- Remote Wipe of Business Critical Files/Documents – Content stored while using a mobile device must use a secure file-sharing solution will automatically be secured in a central system. In case, any device is misplaced or stolen, through admin panel you can create a policy that will automatically remove all business-critical data that was previously synced to the device only. This ways confidential information saved on the device will still be preserved.

- Complete Control across All Devices– Through secured file-sharing solutions you can get better control to ensure data security on all devices, right from smartphones, tablets and laptops to desktops. These other forms of technology are at equal risk of being mislaid or stolen, this auxiliary security layer can provide incomparable protection to business data, no matter how or from where it’s being accessed. This is also beneficial for companies with a remote personnel or external contractors. In any event of their removal from office, business data can be smartly eliminated from all devices and systems to avert misapplication or malevolence.

- Instant Recovery from the Cloud – In case, any device is misplaced then information stored on it can be quickly recovered from another device. You can access your critical content instantly without any fear of expensive downtime and lost productivity

- Secure file sharing without mandatory mobile device management (MDM) adoption – Usually with adoption of various MDM solutions employees have to integrate third-party agents on their device. This is quite annoying as they can’t share their personal stuff with others. However, through advanced file sharing solutions they don’t have feel restricted anymore. Your employees will be able to share files securely with anyone without forcing others to install third-party agents. Moreover, these files can still be securely controlled and disabled whenever required.