Cloud computing technologies have taken the world by storm and more and more companies are realizing the importance of embracing these. Whether you own a small or large enterprise, you are bound to get benefits from cloud hosting solutions. However, cloud storage remains in its nascent stages because companies lack the knowhow and expertise to optimize cloud storage. Some have not yet discovered its true potential as they are too blinded by their dependency on physical servers.

What is cloud storage?

Businesses should be able to understand what cloud storage is before they decide to choose it or ignore it. Cloud storage can be defined as cloud computing system where the data gets stored in remote servers. These remote servers may be accessed across the Internet through a “cloud”. The CSP or cloud service provider will be responsible for maintaining, running and managing the remote servers. According to recent reports, nearly 65% of companies use some kind of cloud based storage solutions. The numbers are much higher in the US than in other nations, where nearly 93% of businesses choose to keep their data in the cloud. This raises the question as to why cloud hosting is becoming so popular among enterprises; whether it is only a marketing gimmick or whether it is really beneficial for business growth.

Why is cloud storage important for businesses?

Unless you want to expose your business data to risks of loss and damages, it is better to spend money to store it in the cloud. There are many benefits of using cloud storage solutions:

- To begin with, cloud storage ensures that you will not longer need to spend a lot of money on buying hardware for storage. Every year, you must bear costs of purchasing new servers, installing these and paying for their ongoing maintenance. Even though you may choose to buy only the best products in the market, there is no guarantee that maintenance costs will not be there. There is always some cost for maintaining such high-end equipments. However, when you sign up for cloud storage services, you will not need to buy costly in-house storage devices; so, you can save a lot of money.

- When you choose cloud storage facilities, you will also need to pay for hiring and training personnel to monitor these facilities. The cloud service provider will take care of their maintenance and management. So, each time that a new software or hardware or technology is added, you can save on hiring and training expenses. The IT staff will be spared of these responsibilities and they can now focus on developing other important areas in the business. Your budget in IT is cut down and you can be certain of getting professional services from your cloud vendors.

- When you choose cloud storage solutions, you can also reduce energy consumption and cut down on carbon footprint. So, cloud computing is an environment-friendly solution and you can make huge savings on your power and electricity expenses when you use the cloud for storing your critical data.

- When it comes to protecting data from natural or man-made disasters, you can count on cloud storage to give your business full protection. The truth is data loss accounts for the shutting down of most businesses and only about 6% can manage to survive for greater than two years after an incident of data loss. The cloud will offer protection against data loss by preventing server crashes from affecting data availability. Data which is stored in the cloud is also protected against natural calamities like floods or tornadoes.

- Moreover, cloud storage offers businesses greater agility and responsiveness. It is possible to access the data and files from anywhere at any time. So, you can access spreadsheets and documents from the comforts of your home, using your personal laptops and smartphones too. This flexibility ensures that employees can work from anywhere, even when they are traveling or away on a holiday. Cloud storage will give you data access all the time whenever you need it.

- The best part about using cloud storage for businesses is that it gets automatically synced across all devices you work with. Earlier, you would have to manually sync data across different devices and platforms. This was most inconvenient and took up a lot of time. However, cloud hosting is effective and saves time and efforts.

- Last but not the least, there is no denying the fact that cloud storage is very economical. Clients will only pay for what they require. So, instead of maintaining in-house servers for which you must pay thousands of dollars every month, you only pay for storage you need. The storage facilities can be customized depending upon your specific needs.

These are only some of the reasons why cloud storage it right for your business. Smaller businesses are already enjoying these advantages and if you fail to do the same, you will end up losing out on many of the benefits of cloud computing solutions.

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