Though most people perceive cloud storage and online backup service to be one and the same, they are two opposite ends of a pole. Online data backup takes a backup of your whole computer. Your computer drive is replicated. This information stored on an end user device could be easily accesses by others. On the other hand, cloud storage provides a far stretched array of benefits. It gives you the luxury to store the chosen files on the internet (cloud) from where they cloud be accesses anytime anywhere.

A few key benefits of cloud storage services are:


Companies are beginning to trust the cloud for their sensitive transactions. They utilize private clouds allowing for a more dedicated environment for data and information.

Cost Saving

46% of cloud users find it much cheaper. Companies escape the capital expense of purchasing new storage equipment. It's ideal for firms looking to transform their workloads from physical to virtual, however looking to avoid big investment.

Staff meeting savings

You can avoid hiring IT personnel for this task specifically. IT professionals in the firm can continue focusing on other tasks.

Data Retention

You need not maintain support contracts and hardware updates for physical servers over the data life cycle. Cloud satisfies company's data retention policies for less cost.

Ability to add Capacity Effortlessly

You can easily scale up your data storage capacity as per need instantly without any hassles.

Disaster recovery

Should you experience a data disaster a good cloud provider will certainly have the provision for data recovery.

Hence, cloud storage allows you to reap various benefits over other data storage facilities.