Digitalization of business processes and marketing activities has lead to a phenomenal rise in generation of data. Organizations are always on the lookout for an efficient data management solution that offers unrestricted accessibility and robust security.

Management of data involves storing, processing, and securing valuable digital information for improvement business processes. Need for an ideal data management solution is felt by all organization irrespective of sizes and business categories. Digital information is an essential aspect for managing mission critical applications, operating high-traffic and complex websites, back-up tools, emails and databases just to name a few.

Legacy Storage and Related Issues

Every business process must be supported by an optimum storage capacity that keeps on multiplying in response to the growth of an organization. However, the conventional methods of data storage such as hard disks suffer from considerable incompetency in terms of dynamic management of enterprise data storage repository. Moreover, the entire process of designing, building and operating a dedicated onsite repository for data storage can be extremely cost intensive as well as time consuming.

Since, the traditional storage systems involve use of hardware components, any surplus data storage requirement would call for provisioning of additional hardware. Such hardware intensive storage infrastructure also requires continuous monitoring by professional staff, thereby necessitating additional manpower support.

Market uncertainties make it impossible to project future requirement of storage facilities in traditional ecosystem. In multiple circumstances, failure to predict the storage needs is found to have lead to either a shortage or over-provisioning of storage space. Process of data backup is also significantly overwhelming in an onsite repository for data storage.

Finding the Right Solution For Data Management Issues

Virtualization technology has opened up a wide spectrum of innovative options to support business processes including data storage and backup needs of businesses. A virtual platform can effectively cater to storage, processing, and backup of digital assets by obviating need for an onsite physical infrastructure, which is remarkably cost intensive.

Such virtual resource is also capable of securing the data from a wide array of online data intrusion threats while making it possible to access and monitor data from any place and at any time of the day. These virtual data storage solutions also simplify the payment process as users are required to pay only for the services that are actually consumed.

Cloud based hosting solutions for data storage are revolutionary in terms of remote storage facilities that are operated within top tiered data centers and promise excellent uptime.

These cloud enabled data storage solutions can be procured as and when the need arises. Virtual storage services are designed to operate with help of automated processes. Cloud as well as virtualization technologies leverage the omnipresent and highly reliable medium of internet to empower businesses with cutting edge data storage services.

OneDrive by Microsoft - Powerful and Feature-Rich

Microsoft OneDrive is a highly sought after data storage solution for its robustness and versatility. Your organizations can find every type of storage solution for supporting efficient data processing and data management.

Being a cloud based data storage resource, users are allowed an easy access to their data files without restrictions of time or geographical location. Moreover, users need not be concerned about the nature of device while accessing these services because OneNote offers outstanding compatibility with all types of devices.

Microsoft OneDrive exhibits remarkable capability of facilitating its users to share photos and files, thanks to its collaboration features. Users need to simply access Desktop apps offered by Microsoft including PowerPoint, Excel and Word to name just a few.

Seamless availability is an important attribute of cloud data storage services including Microsoft OneDrive that also support sound security of the stored data files.

Secured and Highly Available- Google Drive

The cloud storage resource offered by Google can be an excellent choice for businesses or individuals that are in search of a good cloud data storage solution. Users can also benefit from a free storage offering up to fifteen GB to keep their personal data files.

Google storage solutions guarantee anytime and anywhere availability of the stored files including images, Excel or word files, PDF documents, audio clips and video files to name a few. Google Drive is a right solution to adopt as an ideal cloud storage facility.

Simple Storage Service by Amazon S3

Amazon has gone a step further by simplifying the cloud storage offerings and branded these as Simple Storage Services or simply S3. The web interface offered by Amazon is highly simplistic and therefore very user-friendly as well. IT personnel from large organizations, professional developers and individual users are able to achieve superior data storage by using any one of the internet enabled devices.

Data security is an important aspect of data storage and Amazon S3 creates multiple copies of the data files for enhanced protection and availability of your mission critical data files.

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