If you have consistently high traffic on your website, dedicated server is apt for your business. A shared server might not be able to provide you with enough resources -RAM, Processing Power, CPU Utilization. Also, you could face degradation in services, if the neighboring website utilizes more of the resources leaving very little for your site. Hence, opting for dedicated server could be more useful because of following reasons

Better Performance: In dedicated server hosting, processor power, memory and disk space is not shared with other sites on the same server.

Greater Reliability: There is no risk of server slowing down, swamped with traffic, or malicious activities taking place on other sites affecting your website in dedicated servers.

Security: The server is solely dedicated to your website; no one else can access it.

Custom Configuration: You can install software or configure the server as per need.

Your Own IP Address: There is a unique IP address for your site and it is not shared by any other site.

Upgrade Path: Memory, disk space and processors could be added as and when the need arises.

Cheap dedicated server hosting offers various benefits for businesses experiencing rare fluctuations in demand and facing consistent high traffic.

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