If you are powering a high traffic website, you would be keen to get the best level of performance with the most appropriate hosting solution. 
These days the hosting market is offering the following solutions.

- Shared hosting: Servers owned by a provider are shared by many customers who are allotted disk space on a shared drive. Advantage – low price, Drawbacks – Security and performance risks.

- Colocation: You deploy your server infrastructure off-site at a provider’s data center, and allow them to maintain and run it.  Advantage – Data center expertise and access to network technologies. Disadvantage – High cost of infrastructure 

- Public cloud: You share “virtual” hardware resources on a massive shared platform.  Advantage – the price. Disadvantage – limited resources and performance
- Private cloud: A cloud computing platform delivered with a proprietary architecture to a single user.  Advantages – Direct control and greater flexibility. Disadvantages: High initial costs. 

But all things considered, managed dedicated server is the answer for your needs. 

Dedicated hosting presents you with the following benefits:

- High level of security: With exclusive access to your server, you can restrict access to unauthorized people.
- Complete control: With administrative access, you enjoy the facility to set up your server anyway you wish. 
- Top performance: With  entire resources in your hands, you  get the best possible performance and computing capacity 
- Reliability: With the entire server in your control, you can scale up at any speed. 

Leaving aside the benefits enumerated above, it is important that the advantages of dedicated hosting are discussed in a little more detail on the following two advantages.

1. Costs

Companies gain high return on investment, because they eliminate the need for a separate data center complete with inclusive infrastructure and technical support personnel. 

- Dedicated hosting being subscription based, monthly costs are typically low and fall under OPEX. 
- As the hosting provider owns the hardware, the upfront cost is minimal. You even enjoy free set up and installation. 

2. Scalability 
Dedicated hosting allows for easy upgrade or downgrade. With a best-in-class data centre, ample ready to use capacity will be made available for additional servers and consequent need for more bandwidth.  

Even with an assortment of advantages in place, it is essential that you to choose the best dedicated hosting solution by taking into consideration the following:

- Infrastructure: Choose a data center that is well-connected, has high quality redundant power, reliable internet connectivity and cooling connections, adequate fire suppression systems, and industry standard security protocols. 
- Availability: The hosting provider must have a proven record of uninterrupted service, minimal outages, and excellent recovery time. 
- Support service: The provider must make available high level of technical support, which is backed by   helpful and responsive staff. For delivering software support, the Dedicated hosting provider must have comprehensive expertise in the OS, control panels, databases, and web servers. 

If you have in-house staff that has the skill to remotely manage servers, then dedicated hosting is the best solution for you. You will be able to effectively monitor control over software usage, at practically no cost.

It is no wonder; businesses with expertise in server administration and software management choose dedicated hosting. 

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