The emergence of emergence of Internet as a competitive advertising media has led to cut-throat competition among the websites online. Each and every business wants to gain traction and build strong online presence. For achieving the same your server performance plays a crucial role in determining the success of your website.

However, there is some level of planning and evaluation that you need do before you decide to choose to use managed dedicated server or unmanaged servers for your commercial website.

There are numerous of hosts in the market who don't prefer to offer the option of a dedicated server as a part of their plan. Albeit, there is always a higher cost tag attached with the managed server yet you get technical assistance for all your business processes. For a managed dedicated hosting the service provider will help you in issues related to updation, server error management and hosting.

As far as unmanaged server is concerned, you could be the one who may have to manage everything right from the installation to the up time and error fixing. Management of the server gets strenuous when you are uncertain about the process involved and have lot many business campaigns and other tasks to handle. In such scenario, having technical expertise will be a blessing in disguise when you decide to choose the more affordable unmanaged server provision.

Well, you can even switch from managed to unmanaged servers as and when you come across any issues or you get hands on experience of managed dedicated server. However, going the other way round is even a customary affair. Businesses at times tend to be focus more on money and they choose unmanaged servers but after certain point of time they think of switching to managed dedicated server.

Hence, it is utmost significant to do the groundwork beforehand. Make sure that you ask yourself the following crucial questions:

- Do you really have that much of time that you can invest on the management of your own server independently?

- Is the technical expertise required for managing a server available with you to perform the indispensable tasks?

With a managed dedicated server, you get complete access to admin panel which enables you to set up the basic server configurations. This will help you in getting rid of all the worries about the maintenance of your server and website. It is managed by the provider hence no hassles are involved.

On the contrary, in case of an unmanaged server you will be wholly and solely responsible for the maintenance and configuration of your server. You may have to install and upgrade software to configure your mailboxes and domains smooth running of the process. Plus, you have to update system software so as to remain out of harm's reach, that is, prevent unexpected hacking attacks on the website.

You can evaluate your business needs and based on your website functionality, speed and customer traffic you can get the server you want to have. A lot brainstorming is required to be done in order to maintain your server. More level of liberty is available to the end users who choose the unmanaged dedicated server.

In a nutshell, give your online business a deserved boost with the right kind of managed dedicated server and get maximum volume of web traffic with improved ROI and profit revenues.