Hosting as known as Web site hosting or Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that provides website owners space on Web servers for end users to access it. To take your website online and establish your identity, you need to buy a domain name and a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider. A quality web hosting service provider with the right amount of resources and experience can do an excellent job of managing your website on their web servers along with providing full support for related software, bandwidth, security and speed among others.

Organizations on the verge of expansion or having already expanded its operations need managed dedicated server service to fulfil their company needs. If you are running a large and complicated ecommerce website or a complex corporate website that attracts a large number of online traffic on daily basis and still have not opted for dedicated hosting, it is high time you start thinking of looking for a quality dedicated hosting service provider in India and the various hosting plans they are offering.

It is imperative that you carefully assess your needs and requirements before settling upon a particular hosting plan offered by firms specialising in dedicated hosting in India. The reason so much stress is laid upon the selection of right plan is that your website will work best that answers most closely to your needs and requirements. Additionally the right choice of plans will also reduce your operational cost by eliminating the possibilities of wasted resources.

Since you are looking for dedicated hosting plans offered by various Indian service providers, it can be safely presumed that your website is a high traffic website with large requirements of computational resources like memory, CPU, bandwidth, storage space, etc. Now you have to take into consideration some below mentioned important factors to settle upon the best dedicated plan.

You Need to Focus Beyond the Hardware Specs 

Hardware specs no doubt are important, but it is also important to know if there is a support team available that can take care of your server problems quickly and efficiently. This is quite obvious as there is no point in having a server if there is no one to assist you should something goes wrong with your dedicated server.

Look for the Guarantee

There is no use in taking up a plan that does not offer some type or form of guarantee. After all what is the point of spending so much money if your website is inaccessible most of the time. With a guarantee, you can check out the service first hand at no risk to you.

Does the Service Provider Offers Root Access?

Root access is important as it allows you to run the server as it was your own machine and help you install and run any software and application that you want.

Solid State Drives in a Server

Solid state storage devices (SSD) are important for organizations that generate a tremendous amount of data in their normal course of business operations. SSDs deployments are expensive, but for large websites, where speed of data access is critical, organizations have to take the help of a quality SSD server provider.